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Alert #80 - February 7, 2008

| February 7, 2008


Length: 0:30:08
Format: 24kHz, 64Kbps

Show Notes:

Political activist Sid Shniad gives his take on the free-speech/Islamophobia controversy set off when four young law students, on behalf of the Canadian Islamic Congress, submitted a complaint to the Canadian Human Rights Commission that Maclean's magazine refused to allow them an opportunity to rebut the misinformation contained in articles published in the magazine. Parkland Director Gord Laxer explains why it is important that Canada establish strategic petroleum reserves. Atlantic Canada and Ontario are highly dependent on precarious Middle East oil imports, even though Canada is a large exporter to the US. US film maker, writer and broadcaster Saul Landau gives an hilarious commentary on the US primaries in the wake of Super Tuesday. Cy Gonick, Producer Tommy Allen, Producer