67 - PART III: Welcome to Guantanamo North...

| March 21, 2008


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Show Notes:

On January 29th, 2008, Mohamed Harkat was re-arrested for allegedly violating his bail conditions by the Canada Border Services Agency and Ottawa police. Harkat, an Algerian refugee, had been released on bail with a long list of draconian conditions after being arrested under a 'security certificate'. These controversial certificates allow authorities to hold permanent residents and refugees as suspects indefinitely, without trial, and neither they nor their council are permitted to know or challenge any of the evidence that is used to detain them. Harkat, along with four other Muslim men dubbed the "Secret Trial Five" were detained in a penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario known to human rights groups as Guantanamo North.

This audio-podcast delves into the topic of Canada's security certificate legislation and its (non)constitutionality, featuring three prominent voices on the topic: A. Wayne MacKay OC, Professor of Law at Dalhousie Law School, Barbara Jackman L.L.D., distinguished immigration and refugee lawyer and Matthew Behrens, grass-roots organizer and community activist.

A timely piece dealing with complex and emotional issues surrounding security measures, terrorism, islamophobia, and government secrecy, this three-part podcast was produced by AR Khan and narrated by Dave MacMichael.