Decoder - Episode 3

| April 6, 2010


Artist: UWO Journalism Students
Title: Decoder - Episode 3
Genre: Other
Length: 0:29:21
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

2:01-7:37: Homeless News
Ever wondered how word travels on the street? Conal Pierse and Curtis File hit the streets of downtown London, Ontario to find how the homeless and disadvantaged get the information they need.

7:54 -12:54: tv Chatter
Join Lauren O'Neil as she talks with Decoder host, Conal Pierse, about how social media is bringing people together. Or is it?

13:07 -17:06: Trucker Podcasting
Grab a podcast track and hit the road jack, Curtis File has the 10-4 on the wild world of trucker podcasting.

17:20 - 28:00: Amish News
No telephones, e-mail or radio. In a modern world Carrie Simmons investigates how these very un-modern folk get their news across North America.

28:01 - 28:46: Broken Telephone
In the spirit of this week's theme, getting a message out, the Decoder team went all across the University of Western Ontario with a message- just where did it end up?