Episode 45: Return of the Repressed!

| January 27, 2006


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Show Notes:

Cathi and Nora have been sniffing out some old trends that they think are ready to make a big comeback; do you trust their gut instincts?

The Return of hip white wine

The Return of hip, edgy musicals

The (dreaded) return of the preppy male

Plus, Cathi reports on closing down the comments page at its blog. Can old school media and the rough-and-tumble world of blogs kiss and make up?

(Note correction at the linked New York Times story. At the time we recorded this episode, our understanding was that the Post had shut down the whole blog. As you'll see from the correction in the linked story, what they've shut is the comments section. We think, though, that our chat is still relevant, though, since the interactive component to new media is a big part of what distinguishes it from legacy media.) --Nora.