The F Word

The F Word's Sex show!

| June 1, 2011


Artist: The F Word
Title: The F Word's Sex Show!
Year: 2011
Length: 0:39:45
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

From sexual abuse to homophobia, from pornography to 'sex-positive' discourse in feminism, and from penetration to female ejaculation, it's The F Word's Sex show!

Women are confronted with an excess of contradictory messages coming from mass media, pornography, and even from Third Wave feminist discourse and what some call 'sex-positive' feminism. How can women navigate those intersections between power, pleasure and ideology? Is female sexuality the primary route towards empowerment? Can we have power and pleasure in sex?

Your hosts Ariana Barer, Meghan Murphy, and Nicole Deagan cover the good, the bad and the ugly, exploring sex and sexuality within a patriarchal culture. Including a how-to guide from resident expert Nicole Deagan on female ejaculation, this show is all kinds of awesome.

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