The F Word

Choice and childbirth

| October 30, 2011


Artist: F Word
Title: The F Word
Year: 2011
Genre: Other
Length: 0:50:14
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

There is ample discussion within feminism about reproductive rights, but what about extending that conversation to include the rights of women who choose to give birth? In the controversial field of maternity care, women may be restricted in their ability to make free, informed choices about their bodies during pregnancy and birth by the rhetoric of risk, the highly technocratic nature of modern birth, the unequal power-knowledge distribution that often exists between women and their care providers, and the skewed perception of birth that exists in corporate media. 

The F Word's Laura Wood speaks with Katherine Don, a New York-based feminist writer, blogger and editor currently blogging about the media's portrayal of birth and maternal health care in the U.S. Laura Wood also interviews Asheya Hennessey, a childbirth activist and the founder and executive director of Mothers of Change, a Canadian childbirth advocacy group working with women and their supporters for safe, evidence-based maternity care. 

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