Aw@l February 16
On the final day of the convergence to oppose the 2010 olympics, a tent village was erected in the downtown east side of Vancouver, demanding (among others) the social housing the VANOC promised.
Redeye February 16
Africa Policy Outlook 2010 is produced by Africa Action, the oldest African social justice organization to operate in the U.S. We speak with executive director Gerald Lemelle.
Redeye February 16
In Washington, the Justice Department is about to issue an ethics report, reviewing the use of torture by U.S. officials.
Redeye February 14
For the past 19 years, on February 14, people mourn and remember the women who have been disappeared and murdered in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.
Redeye February 14
W2 opened in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside two days before the 2010 Olympics started. The Media House aims to be a centre for indy journalists to report on the Games and the anti-Olympic convergence.
Redeye February 14
Tayo Aluko wrote, performs and sings in this one-man show about Robeson, one of the most famous singers, actors and political activists of his time.
The Ruckus February 13
First episode of 2010! We hear tunes from some of Canada's finest female vocalists.
Maker Culture February 12
From the local to the global level citizens and activists are taking politics into their own hands.
Speak! February 12
The Toronto Coptic Community reacts to the deaths six Christians in early January in Egypt.
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension February 11
Alert! Radio #143- Interviews with Jim Stanford, Haroon Siddiqui, and Maria Paez Victor. Music Is The Weapon with Mitch Podoluk.
Pivot Legal Society February 11
Pivot lawyer Doug King with Olympics rights card
Pivot Legal Society to hand out thousands of cards with legal rights and sets up 24-hour Pivot Lawyer Hotline.
Aw@l February 11
What is the Role of the Student and the University in Olympics Resistance?
rabble radio February 10
We're talking a hundred! A centenarian shares advice, cancelling highway plans, and remembering the birth of the aged rabble radio. You could also win an ipod nano!
Redeye February 10
Cecily Nicholson of the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre talks about how the people she works with have been affected disproportionately by the Olympic Games.
Redeye February 10
The Ancient Forest Alliance aims to work at a grassroots level to pressure government to save the remaining temperate rainforests that still exist in the province.
Redeye February 10
The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has stopped funding Kairos, saying it no longers fits CIDA priorities.
Street Cred February 9
The coroner's inquest into the death of Fredy Villanueva resumes this week in Montreal.
Redeye February 9
The provincial government has to find almost 300 million dollars more for public education next year, just to maintain current service. Early signs are that they will not cover the new costs.
Redeye February 9
Chris Shaw takes us back to early estimates of the costs, and potential profits, of the Olympics and compares these figures with what we know now will be the total cost of the Games.
Speak! February 9
Jasmine Herlt, Director of Human Rights Watch's Canada Committee, and Samer Muscati, a researcher for the committee, both speak about the importance of film in relation to human rights awareness.
Labour Show February 9
The internet's newest International Labour Report
Redeye February 9
Canada has a reputation as a peaceful nation, yet the arms industry is alive and well here and providing weapons that fuel wars around the world.
Redeye February 9
The Wet'suwet'en is one of 50 First Nations whose territory will be crossed by the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Redeye February 8
Bright red tents will soon be springing up in the streets on Vancouver, each one housing one or two people for a night. The tents are part of a campaign to pressure the federal government.
Aw@l February 8
Discussion of the impact of the olympics on the environment, on the Indigenous, on civil liberties and on social justice issues.
Redeye February 8
Despite substantial evidence of election fraud and repression of mass mobilization against the coup last June, Canada and the United States recognize the new president.
Needs No Introduction February 8
The Canadian Labour Congress' Joel Harden describes the agenda for action on its "Retirement Security for All" campaign.
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy! February 6
A U.S senator claims the Constitution only protects citizens, and corporations have new election powers, and people protest due process then you know it is fear of a democratic planet.
Redeye February 6
Activist and comedian Charles Demers was born and raised in Vancouver. Vancouver Special is a hilarious look at the city's past and present, from its pot industry to its dog mania.
Redeye February 6
The highway expansion planned for the Lower Mainland was designed for increased truck traffic from a container port in Delta to Highway 1. Opponents say it's no longer needed.