The F Word

Utopia: Second annual Festival of Women in Digital Culture

| March 6, 2012


Artist: F Word
Title: The F Word
Year: 2012
Genre: Public Affairs
Length: 0:22:16
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

The second annual Utopia Festival lands at W2 with film screenings, workshops, a free International Women's Day community fair, and epic evening performances. The festival showcases women in the Vancouver community "making our future through technology."

Utopia invites women involved in digital culture to share skills, celebrate creativity and promote our work as makers. The public (including men) are welcome to attend all Utopia evening events. 

Ellie Gordon-Moershel interviews two festival organizers: Vicki Moulder, a PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Her work explores creative collaborations at the intersection of technology and cultural production. Jen Pearson -- otherwise known as Square Root of Evil -- is a Vancouver-based electronic artist who has been composing since 1999 and playing out since 2004. She has played countless live shows in Vancouver and Europe including many popular electronic festivals.

Utopia runs from March 3-10, 2012 • W2 Media Cafe in Vancouver For more info check out the schedule of events
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