The F Word

Legal reform and the ongoing urgency of feminism

| November 3, 2012


Title: The F Word - Oct 29
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Show Notes:

In light of the recent Duke University student campaign, Who Needs Feminism, created to challenge stereotypes and reassert the importance of feminism, we have been inspired to do a show on why we STILL need feminism. We always have and still do! We’re walking through a much-abridged, hand-selected historical timeline of feminist issues in Canada which are still very much connected to present day issues. We weren’t “given” anything, we fought and we are still fighting or re-fighting for access to safe legal abortions and reproductive choices, valued and properly paid labour, freedom from violence, and equality among women. These problems still persist because the law is not enough, we need attitudes and values to change!  Otherwise we always come to the law through a biased, sexist lens.

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