Groundwire Episode 1: Migrant justice, land claims and more

July 21, 2014
| This episode is produced by CHRW in London Ontario featuring stories about the temporary foreign workers program, BC Yukon Association of Drug War Survivors, Toronto Pride and more.
Length: 28:53 minutes (26.45 MB)

Thousands of Detroit residents face threat of water shutoff

July 19, 2014
| At least 300 demonstrators marched through Detroit streets today, protesting a move by the city’s water department to force thousands of customers to pay their bills or face a cutoff in service.
Length: 13:42 minutes (12.55 MB)

Update with Deepan Budlakoti, made stateless by Canada

July 19, 2014
| Update with Deepan Budlakoti, a target of the Harper government who, despite holding only Canadian citizenship and having lived in the country his entire life, risks deportation.
Length: 17:19 minutes (15.86 MB)

Book: The Tolerance Trap

July 18, 2014
| Suzanna Danuta Walters argues that the movement for LGBT rights has settled for a watered-down tolerance of sexual and gender difference rather than true equality and human rights for all.
Length: 19:12 minutes (17.58 MB)
The F Word

Feminism and Christianity

July 17, 2014
| Discussion of the image of woman in the Christian creation myth and negotiating the development of feminist consciousness within a Christian community.
Length: 34:43 minutes (39.74 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Kicking war off campus: Demilitarize McGill

July 16, 2014
| Kevin Paul and Arabella Colombier talk about student organizing to get military research off the campus of McGill University in Montreal.
Length: 28:13 minutes (25.84 MB)

Israel attack on Gaza response to Palestinian unity government, not rockets

July 16, 2014
| For two weeks, the mainstream media has repeated Israel’s claim that it is bombing Gaza in self defence. Tyler Levitan says that attack has more to do with a recent agreement between Hamas and Fatah.
Length: 15:59 minutes (14.65 MB)
The F Word

BC Poverty Reduction Coalition

July 14, 2014
| The F Word's Ariana Barer speaks with Trish Garner the Community Organizer with the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition about their initiatives to reduce poverty in B.C.
Length: 36:54 minutes (42.24 MB)
The Swan Song

The Cop

July 14, 2014
| Sgt. Darrell Fairburn from the Victoria CB Police Department has experienced a lot of high stress situations during his tenure as a cop. These are some of his stories.
Length: 25:45 minutes (23.58 MB)
Living On Purpose

# 221 - 'Hello Susan, It's Me, Cancer!'

July 12, 2014
| Susan D'Agostino charted her personal journey of healing through "what they call" cancer.
Length: 38:31 minutes (35.27 MB)