Talking Radical Radio

Fighting anti-Black racism in Canada: Past, present, future

February 10, 2016
| Akua Benjamin and Rinaldo Walcott talk about the work of the Anti-Black Racism Network.
Length: 28:40 minutes (26.26 MB)

Lawrence Hass on mystery, failure and art

February 9, 2016
| Lawrence talks about mystery, context, the fear of failure, wonder and the "business" of art-making. He speaks about obstacles to good living, how art can be life-giving and why philosophy matters.
Length: 43:43 minutes (30.02 MB)
Feminist Current

The Guerrilla Feminist Collective vs. Roosh V.

February 6, 2016
| Meghan Murphy speaks with Jen Kim and Emily Monaghan -- members of the Guerrilla Feminist Collective -- about the protest the planned in response to Roosh V.'s misogyny.
Length: 17:27 minutes (15.98 MB)

Waterloo's people's injunction against the NEB

February 5, 2016
| Audio from the January 24 "People's Injunction" demonstration in Waterloo which demanded new rules for the NEB which consider Indigenous rights and climate change in their decisions.
Length: 27:37 minutes (37.93 MB)
Green Majority Radio

TPP as global economic eugenics

February 5, 2016
| Lawyer and author Gus Van Harten walks us through just some of the ways in which the TPP is a direct assault on democracy.
Length: 54:32 minutes (49.94 MB)

Ian Tyson on leadership, misery and attitude

February 3, 2016
| Ian talks about leadership, why attitude is so important, why misery is a choice, consistency and why he’s an unapologetic nerd.
Length: 42:04 minutes (28.9 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Queers against gentrification

February 3, 2016
| Helen Lenskyj and Liisa Schofield talk about the group Queer Trans Community Defence and the struggle against gentrification in Toronto.
Length: 28:32 minutes (26.12 MB)
Living On Purpose

Waves of compassion

February 3, 2016
| Dusk walk at beach sharing waves of reflection.
Length: 13:18 minutes (12.18 MB)

What we wear matters, and why

February 2, 2016
| Clothing matters. Attire choices tell others about who we are. And what we choose to buy has impact through the purchasing system -- from field to landfill.
Length: 09:04 minutes (20.77 MB)

Sophie Harkat, B.C. Enbridge pipeline and 'Harvesting Freedom'

February 2, 2016
| On this episode: Sophie Harkat, Justicia for Migrant Workers launch their campaign 'Harvesting Freedom' and the B.C. Supreme Court ruling against the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Length: 29:18 minutes (26.84 MB)