Talking Radical Radio

Dismantling barriers faced by migrants to Canada

November 25, 2015
| Sarah St. John and Omar Chu talk about Sanctuary Health's work to challenge barriers to services and resources faced by migrants in Vancouver.
Length: 28:17 minutes (25.9 MB)

1960s counter-culture and anarchism in Vancouver

November 25, 2015
| Larry Gambone was part of the Yippie movement in Vancouver. His recent memoir "No Regrets" has just been published by Black Cat Press.
Length: 13:12 minutes (12.09 MB)

GroundWire | November 23, 2015: Criminalization of LGBTQ prisoners, opposing the North West LNG project

November 23, 2015
| This episode of GroundWire was produced on Haudenosaunee and Anishinabe traditional territory in Kingston by CRFC and hosted by Nathan Bateman.
Length: 28:58 minutes (66.33 MB)

Federica Foglia on politics, relationships and social change

November 19, 2015
| Federica and I have a wonderful time together chatting about politics, relationships, "common sense," art and why she's not shy about controversy.
Length: 25:14 minutes (28.89 MB)
My Personal Canada

An introduction...

November 18, 2015
| On this first episode of My Personal Canada, TK Matunda sits down with her mom -- Grace Matunda -- to talk about her arrival to Pearson and the challenges of the first years in Canada.
Length: 21:16 minutes (19.49 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

The long fight in Quebec for adequate, affordable housing for all

November 18, 2015
| Émilie Joly of FRAPRU talks about the struggle for affordable housing and against austerity in Quebec.
Length: 28:14 minutes (25.86 MB)

Vancouver group creates app to help refugees find services

November 18, 2015
| A new app developed by the Vancouver organization PeaceGeeks, in partnership with the UNHCR, helps refugees in Jordan find information about the services they need to survive.
Length: 09:51 minutes (9.02 MB)

Tonje Hessen Schei and Brandon Bryant on drones, whistleblowing and justice

November 17, 2015
| Join in as we talk about Tonje's new important film "Drone," truth, Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and how it's been misunderstood, the greater good, freedom, choice and responsibility.
Length: 32:57 minutes (37.73 MB)

A fresh look at women in trades and technology

November 13, 2015
| A new radio documentary looks at the challenges facing young women when they decide to take up a trade. The program was produced by 20-year-old sound technician Mariessa Mcleod.
Length: 09:39 minutes (8.85 MB)
Migrant Matters

Michael Parenti: Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies

November 13, 2015
| Progressive author and scholar Michael Parenti discusses his most recent book, "Profit Pathology and Other Indecencies" and the ongoing global struggle against austerity.
Length: 33:32 minutes (76.78 MB)