Needs No Introduction

Pam Palmater on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls in Canada

March 2, 2015
| An address in Ottawa, unceded Algonquin territory, on February 24, 2015
Length: 54:56 minutes (50.3 MB)

Coalition draws up national plan to tackle poverty in Canada

March 1, 2015
| Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world yet millions of Canadians live in poverty. Dignity for All has just published a anti-poverty plan to get this issue on the national agenda.
Length: 11:38 minutes (10.66 MB)

Renowned poet Nikki Giovanni on Black history, present and future

February 28, 2015
| Renowned poet Nikki Giovanni talks with Margaret Prescod of community radio KPFK-FM in Los Angeles, about America's Black history, Black present and Black future.
Length: 29:07 minutes (39.99 MB)

Women in mariachi music

February 26, 2015
| Traditional mariachi musicians wear black suits with silver buttons down the pant legs and they're all men. But women have been involved in mariachi music for decades.
Length: 15:20 minutes (14.04 MB)
rabble radio

rabble radio episode 162: Restorative justice -- what it is and isn't

February 26, 2015
| Moira Donovan wrote an article for exploring the question, what is restorative justice? Today on rabble radio, Moira introduces us to some of the answers she's found.
Length: 32:12 minutes (29.49 MB)
Needs No Introduction

'50 Years Since Malcolm X's Assassination: The Legacy Endures; The Struggle Continues!'

February 23, 2015
| A panel discussion in Halifax reflecting on Malcolm X's faith and contribution to the struggle for African-American civil rights.
Length: 57:02 minutes (52.22 MB)
The F Word

Feminism and the Media in 2014

February 23, 2015
| From Ghomeshi to Gamergate, a panel conversation about Feminism and the Media in 2014, recorded live at BARtalk as part of the University of British Columbia's Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
Length: 38:37 minutes (44.21 MB)

Caring economics: A primer for counting our real wealth

February 22, 2015
| Sara Saltee, Director of Leadership and Learning Programs at the Center for Partnership Studies, presents a webinar on methods to gain greater recognition for caregivers and caring work.
Length: 29:28 minutes (40.48 MB)

200 wolves to be shot from helicopters in B.C.

February 22, 2015
| The provincial government plans to kill 200 wolves this year in an attempt to protect dwindling caribou herds. Krista Roessingh says the real problem is habitat loss and human encroachment.
Length: 13:59 minutes (12.81 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

UPop Montréal: A free, grassroots 'université populaire'

February 18, 2015
| Étienne Lepage talks with me about the work of UPop Montreal to create grassroots community spaces for learning, encounter, and critical dialogue.
Length: 28:43 minutes (26.29 MB)