Needs No Introduction

GAZA: New Dynamics, Future Prospects

October 7, 2015
| With Dr. Sara Roy, Harvard Scholar, examining the unprecedented dynamics that have emerged in Gaza in the aftermath of last summer's devastating war
Length: 1:08:53 minutes (62.49 MB)
radio book lounge

radio book lounge: The accidental animal activist

October 5, 2015
| A vacation that led to four years of extensive international research into animal husbandry.
Length: 13:05 minutes (17.99 MB)
rabble radio special

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Election SoundUp with Karl Nerenberg

October 5, 2015
| What the newly negotiated deal means for Stephen Harper's re-election chances.
Length: 16:09 minutes (14.65 MB)

We can afford the Leap

October 3, 2015
| In September, Naomi Klein launched the Leap Manifesto, outlining a bold new vision for a just and sustainable future. Seth Klein has done an economic analysis to show how the Leap can be funded.
Length: 14:49 minutes (13.58 MB)

Kelly Hadfield on Ghana, social change and choice

October 2, 2015
| Kelly has a great story to tell and is a woman with a cause. She proves that little things make a big difference and that moving the social change needle requires commitment, passion and focus.
Length: 44:23 minutes (50.8 MB)
rabble radio

rabble radio 169: Looking ahead to E-Day

September 30, 2015
| As we enter the home stretch of Election 42, on this episode of rabble radio, we look at getting out the vote, the Harper record on the economy, and Harperman: The Movie.
Length: 35:41 minutes (27.92 MB)

Harperism: How Stephen Harper and His Think Tank Colleagues Have Transformed Canada

September 30, 2015
| Professor Donald Gutstein says Stephen Harper's policies are the result of decades of effort by a network of right-wing think tanks determined to change how governments operate.
Length: 33:54 minutes (31.05 MB)

Avi Lewis on 'This Changes Everything'

September 30, 2015
| Avi chats about neoliberalism, relationships, a future of radical change, why he has hope and why his film is really about finding meaning through story, collaboration and validating others.
Length: 24:43 minutes (28.29 MB)
rabble radio special

Munk debate on foreign policy: Election SoundUp 5

September 29, 2015
| parliamentary correspondent Karl Nerenberg shares his thoughts on the September 28 debate in Toronto.
Length: 14:45 minutes (11.54 MB)

Robert Fisk on Syria, ISIS and the end of the old Middle East

September 28, 2015
| Robert Fisk is a British journalist and author who writes extensively about Syria and ISIS. He has lived in the Middle East for 40 years and is renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the region.
Length: 42:18 minutes (38.74 MB)