Impact of Airbnb on rental vacancy rates

June 22, 2016
| Karen Sawatsky says there are over 1,000 entire units being used exclusively for short term rentals in Vancouver and that this is contributing to the city’s rental housing crisis.
Length: 15:51 minutes (14.52 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Defending public health care in court and in the streets

June 22, 2016
| Jen Kuhl and Edith Machattie talk about the work of the B.C. Health Coalition and about a grave legal threat to public health care.
Length: 28:29 minutes (26.09 MB)

Marcie Hume on 'Magicians' and the power of film for social change

June 20, 2016
| Marcie and I talk about empathy and others, magic, a shift in perspective, the power of film for social change and a "real sense of belonging."
Length: 48:14 minutes (33.12 MB)

GroundWire | Ottawa Sacred Walk, Pulse nightclub vigil, Save Crab Park

June 20, 2016
| This episode of GroundWire was produced in part at the annual national campus and community radio conference, held this year in Ottawa on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin territory.
Length: 27:35 minutes (25.25 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Solidarity Winnipeg: Grassroots renewal against austerity in Manitoba

June 15, 2016
| Sofia Soriano and David Camfield talk about the work of a new multi-issue, grassroots group called Solidarity Winnipeg.
Length: 28:42 minutes (26.28 MB)

New data reveals depth of poverty on reserve

June 13, 2016
| A new study using data from the National Household Survey shows 60% of Indigenous children on reserve live below the poverty line. We speak with Mary Teegee of the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society.
Length: 16:26 minutes (15.05 MB)
Green Majority Radio

Shell's oily shell game

June 13, 2016
| Why you aren't hearing about most of the oil spills happening in the world.
Length: 54:08 minutes (61.96 MB)

Michael Coren on his recent epiphany and new book, dogmatic beliefs and the religious right

June 12, 2016
| Michael talks about his new book Epiphany, dogmatism, the religious right, why he's still so optimistic and his desire for change.
Length: 38:19 minutes (26.31 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Organizing very low-income tenants in the Downtown Eastside

June 8, 2016
| Wendy Pederson talks about the tenant organizing of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside SRO Collaborative.
Length: 28:33 minutes (26.14 MB)

UpROAR: A special episode on women and music festivals

June 8, 2016
| Host Charlene Sayo talks with American-Chilean singer Francisca Valenzuela and Project SoundCheck consultant Kira-Lynn Ferderber about feminism and rape culture at music festivals.
Length: 46:12 minutes (84.6 MB)