Student financial aid overly complex, not equal

October 19, 2014
| Jordan Maclaren looked into the intricacies of student aid from province to province across Canada. She found huge variability in grants, parental contributions and debt reduction strategies.
Length: 11:21 minutes (10.4 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Exposing and challenging environmental racism in Nova Scotia

October 15, 2014
| Ingrid Waldron and Lorne Julien talk about a project that seeks to understand and to build capacity to challenge environmetnal racism in African Nova Scotian and Mi'qmak communities.
Length: 28:25 minutes (26.02 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Harperism and how it changed Canada

October 13, 2014
| Wondering how Canada got where it is today? In this podcast, Donald Gutstein talks about his new book "Harperism - How Stephen Harper and his think tank colleagues have transformed Canada."
Length: 1:05:14 minutes (59.73 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Van Jones speaks to the Good Jobs Summit

October 8, 2014
| Van Jones says he came here to speak to the Good Jobs Summit because "you've got a crazy dude up here, and it's not Rob Ford." Here is his keynote address from Saturday, October 4, 2014.
Length: 51:04 minutes (93.54 MB)

Aja in Wonderland: Aja Monet on poetry in social transformation and Tupac Shakur

October 7, 2014
| Aja Monet, the current "cool girl" of spoken-word poetry, discusses the political philosophy of poetry and the legacy of Tupac Shakur.
Length: 40:35 minutes (74.32 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Good Jobs Summit: The Good Jobs Debate!

October 7, 2014
| Over the next few weeks, we'll be posting some of the many discussions which took place at the Good Jobs Summit. We begin with the Good Jobs Debate on Friday, October 3, 2014.
Length: 1:08:49 minutes (126.02 MB)
The Swan Song

The phobia

October 6, 2014
| Psychologist Dr. Randy Paterson discuss the personal and social forces sources behind phobias and how he tries to help people overcome their debilitating fears.
Length: 27:07 minutes (24.83 MB)
Feminist Current

'Surrogacy is child trafficking': An interview with Kajsa Ekis Ekman

October 6, 2014
| Meghan Murphy speaks with journalist, writer and activist, Kajsa Ekis Ekman about her arguments against surrogacy.
Length: 19:49 minutes (18.15 MB)
Asia Pacific Currents

Occupy Hong Kong

October 4, 2014
| Labour news from the Asia Pacific region, and an interview about the Occupy Hong Kong movement and labour relations in mainland China, with Eli Friedman.
Length: 29:40 minutes (13.59 MB)
Needs No Introduction

An interview with Van Jones

October 2, 2014
| Van Jones is an environmental advocate, CNN commentator, and best-selling author who is a prominent voice on environment and the economy. In conversation with Claudio D'Andrea.
Length: 22:55 minutes (41.96 MB)