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Episode 160: Eggnog edition

December 18, 2014
| No news, no protests or letters to write to politicians. Instead, some philosophical ideas to mull over in front of the fire. Your Holiday Break.
Length: 31:03 minutes (28.44 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Building the feminist agenda

December 15, 2014
| A panel discussion from the Women's Forum in Ottawa, October 2014.
Length: 48:01 minutes (87.93 MB)
The F Word

Fat politics part 1: Fat politics 101 and health

December 14, 2014
| The F Word's Pragya Esh and Carissa Ropponen speak to Kalamity Hildebrandt of Fat Panic! about fat politics. Part one of a two-part series.
Length: 36:42 minutes (42 MB)

Kelly Ernst on basic income and why we can afford it

December 13, 2014
| Kelly has plenty to say about basic income in Canada and why we can afford it, Viktor Frankl and the search for meaning, and why education is so important.
Length: 42:42 minutes (48.87 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

The Red Hand Coalition and the fight against austerity in Quebec

December 10, 2014
| Joël Pedneault talks about the Red Hand Coalition, one of the main anti-austerity formations in Quebec, and the rising tide of struggle heading into the spring.
Length: 28:17 minutes (25.91 MB)
Needs No Introduction

Ellen Gabriel speaks at the Peoples' Social Forum

December 8, 2014
| Ellen Gabriel discusses Canada's colonial history and the ways in which apathetic governments and cynical corporations perpetuate that legacy of Aboriginal oppression.
Length: 37:06 minutes (67.96 MB)

GroundWire | December 8, 2014: Commemorating the École Polytechnique Massacre

December 8, 2014
| This is a special edition to commemorate the École Polytechnique Massacre that occurred in Montréal on December 6, 1989, and more broadly, the ongoing violence against women.
Length: 29:40 minutes (27.18 MB)

Remembering the Montreal massacre

December 7, 2014
| In 1989, a man walked into the École Polytechnique in Montreal and killed 14 women engineering students. We speak with Elinor Warkentin who was involved in creating a monument in Vancouver.
Length: 11:28 minutes (10.51 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Defending land and nationhood after the Mount Polley disaster

December 3, 2014
| Kanahus Manuel talks about the struggle by the Secwepemc Nation and its allies to defend the land and assert their nationhood after the massive Mount Polley tailings pond spill.
Length: 28:27 minutes (26.05 MB)
Write Along Radio

Small press and community loving

December 2, 2014
| We speak with Caroline Frechette, author of the Family by Choice series and a key player at Renaissance Press. Plus, we debate whether a Goodreads review is worthy of making your book cover.
Length: 47:15 minutes (43.26 MB)