People Powered: The Activists Behind Vancouver’s Climate Justice Movement

January 12, 2017
| Rebecca Visser looks at what drives Vancouver-based activists in their fight for climate justice. Produced as part of the "Making Time for Radio" project of Simon Fraser's CJSF Radio.
Length: 19:21 minutes (35.46 MB)

Epidemic of overdose deaths legacy of 10 years of anti-harm reduction

January 12, 2017
| Jordan Westfall says the hundreds of drug overdose deaths are a legacy of Harper's approach. Westfall is someone who formerly used opioid drugs and wrote his master's thesis on overdose prevention.
Length: 14:21 minutes (13.15 MB)

Women leading energy innovation inside the U.S. government

January 9, 2017
| The U.S. military is the world's biggest consumer of energy, and Katherine Hammack has spent six years working to make it more energy-efficient.
Length: 29:09 minutes (40.03 MB)

Precarity in higher learning: Neoliberalism and contract faculty contract negotiations at WLU

January 9, 2017
| As contract faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University negotiate a new contract, many in the union have recognized their struggle as a moment in the widescale resistance to neoliberal ideologies.
Length: 47:52 minutes (43.84 MB)

Full disclosure buying

January 5, 2017
| Kelly Okamura goes on a final shop at Honest Ed's, passes on bargains and owns up to buying an artificial tree.
Length: 12:31 minutes (28.67 MB)

Native women's multi-generational struggles in Canada

January 4, 2017
| A talk by Dr. Dawn Memee Lavelle-Harvard, past president of the Native Women's Association of Canada.
Length: 29:06 minutes (39.98 MB)
Needs No Introduction

An evening with George Elliott Clarke

January 4, 2017
| Canada's seventh poet laureate talks about being Africanadian, and his most recent book "The Motorcyclist."
Length: 53:11 minutes (97.39 MB)
Green Majority Radio

Desmogging journalism

January 2, 2017
| The incoming Trump administration *shudder* has put a sooty fog over the climate movement, but let's not stop paying attention to the areas where we can do some good.
Length: 55:49 minutes (51.11 MB)
Living On Purpose

The Courage Herd on Living on Purpose

December 29, 2016
| Host Lynn Thompson meets with Tina Turner, owner of The Courage Herd on a farm outside Ottawa, and explores Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning.
Length: 14:44 minutes (13.49 MB)
Talking Radical Radio

Rebroadcast: Social movements and how they make, learn, and teach ideas

December 28, 2016
| Aziz Choudry talks about his new book, Learning Activism: The Intellectual Life of Contemporary Social Movements.
Length: 28:47 minutes (26.36 MB)