Film Festivals in Toronto

Film Festivals in Toronto

We love films and we love community art initiatives. Film festivals are an amazing way to highlight great art, interesting ideas, important cultural movements, and a fun way to see films. In Toronto there are countless film festivals (70? 100? we're still looking). We have long-term goals of reviewing at one film from every film festival in Toronto in one year (maybe next year?) Well, not every festival, we figure TIFF gets a lot of coverage, so with our project we are hoping to put more spotlight on the many small, diverse festivals that also call Toronto home. We're calling this project Film Festivals in Toronto (or FFIT). Our reviewers range from professors of films studies, students of film studies, Cinephiles and some folks who just love film. Reviews and festival reflections may be written, be on video, be a podcast, be on social media, etc. All will appear on
Film Festivals in Toronto

CineCuba: Three festivals in one coming to Toronto

October 28, 2013
| CineCuba is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging exposition of Cuban films in Toronto. We speak with Production Manager Diana Cadvid about the festival and the films.
Length: 13:33 minutes (12.47 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

The platform of the Toronto Urban Film Festival

August 19, 2013
| The Toronto Urban Film Fest is set to WOW commuters everywhere from Sept. 6-16 (at the same time as TIFF!). We speak with founder Sharon Switzer and filmmaker Adam Zivo about TUFF, and subway movies!
Length: 19:38 minutes (27.05 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

Solidarity Sunday at the Parkdale Film and Video Showcase

August 18, 2013
| This year the Parkdale Film and Video Showcase included curated films called "ReAct," centred on the topic of sexual violence within city communities. We interview program director Rebecca Gruihn.
Length: 27:06 minutes (37.3 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

Getting a peek at the Hidden Film Festival

July 19, 2013
| The Hidden Film Festival has appeared in Dublin, London and will be in Paris and then in Toronto. Tune in to find out what we uncovered! Plus reflections on the film Lesbiana.
Length: 38:20 minutes (52.72 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

Inside Out: An interview with festival Program Director Andrew Murphy

May 22, 2013
| Inside Out is hitting Toronto and it is the largest event of its kind in Canada, showcasing the best and most diverse films by, for and of interest to LGBT communities.
Length: 13:42 minutes (12.61 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

The Defector: An interview with producer, director, writer Ann Shin

April 15, 2013
| Ann Shin went undercover to film "The Defector," following people fleeing North Korea. In this interview she speaks about conditions in North Korea, defecting, the challenges for refugees and more.
Length: 15:03 minutes (20.75 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

Toronto Silent Film Festival and Images Festival

March 29, 2013
| It's not all hush-hush at the Silent Film Festival with live music and great shows. Plus, amazing celebration of video and film at the Images Festival.
Length: 26:52 minutes (36.96 MB)
Film Festivals in Toronto

Canadian Film and Water Docs festivals this week

March 18, 2013
| Homegrown movies and films thirsty for change. This week catch the Canadian Film Festival and the Water Docs Festival. We catch up with both.
Length: 21:35 minutes (29.72 MB)