Healing the Earth

Two Six Nations Men Facing Extraordinary Imprisonment in the US

| May 11, 2008


Genre: Blues
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Show Notes:

Two Six Nations men, Albert Douglas and Trevor Miller, are being indicted to a US federal grand jury for incidents stemming from the 2006 Six Nations land reclamation outside the town of Caledonia. Albert Douglas was allegedly with Trevor Miller when a US Border Patrol vehicle was seen on their territory during the height of the land reclamation. It turned out that the vehicle was carrying a member of the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and members of the Ontario Provincial Police, and contained surveillance equipment and confidential documents about undercover OPP and US agents used to infiltrate the land reclamation.

Both Albert and Trevor ended up facing charges from the confrontation with the occupants of this vehicle, charges including assaulting federal agents and theft of US government property. They have both already dealt with Canadian courts and are now simply on probation, yet the US government wants to put them in prison for a maximum of 70 years for the exact same charges.

This is particularly sad for the Douglas family, as Albert was recently released from jail for the above charges. Next thing they know, they found out that Trevor was arrested while trying to cross into the States, and now it turns out that Albert may be wanted for extradition to the US.

In this interview I spoke with Angel and Arnold Douglas, Albert's sister and father, about the situation Albert and Trevor are in. They explain their legal situation, the stakes at hand, the question of sovereignty, and more.