I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!

Oily pols and oily water: Fake lake mistake, weak oil drilling regulations and other calamities

| June 11, 2010


Artist: Matthew Adams Stephen Benedetti
Title: oily pols and oily water
Album: IRTN
Year: 2010
Length: 0:35:49
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

Something ugly is sticking to things, some of it is mud on the face of Harper for his billion dollar security tab, plus BP, shockingly, doesn't seem to be getting out the full story, and the white house takes an ill conceived swipe at the netroots and unions and the guys at IRTN are on it, plus "Below the Fold -- news you might have missed":

Jail time for hanging a banner?

Obama continues practices of extrajudicial killings of U.S. citizens.

Seeking medical advice? Avoid health food stores and pharmacies.

Beware the seductive sound bites of Libertarianism.

Muslim community centre gets bombed, no terrorist charges.

Multicultural school mural gets white washed

Our theme song "Carrot Juice Is Murder" is used by permission by the Arrogant Worms