I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!

Election reflection, conservative rejection?

| November 9, 2012


Artist: Matthew Adams, Stephen Benedetti
Title: Election reflection conservative rejection?
Album: IRTN
Year: 2012
Genre: Podcast
Length: 0:37:58 minutes (52.22 MB)
Format: 44.1kHz, 192Kbps

Show Notes:

Obama wins, but does that mean progressives do? We look at the right and left delusions and aspirations and the need for election reform. Matt reveals who he voted for (the answer might surprise you). Plus news you might have missed!

Zombie politician back from the dead 

There was a HUGE Election this week

Asteroids headed to Earth could be diverted with paintballs 

Hotel room tests uncover high levels of contamination

Burgers and Fries and here.

See Stephen's election graphic here.


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