I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!

So long, and thanks!

| February 25, 2013


Artist: Matthew Adams, Stephen Benedetti
Title: So long and thanks!
Album: IRTN
Year: 2013
Genre: Podcast
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Show Notes:

So long, and thanks!

IRTN kicked off in 2007 and we’ve been having fun since. However, as our listener knows, we have a hard time scheduling shows, regular we ain’t. So instead of consistently promising shows we don’t deliver we figure we would hang it up. Will there ever be another show? Who knows? None planned. In the meantime, thanks to Keith Gottschalk, original co-host with Matt, and to the folks that have listened and written to us.

As always we feature news you might have missed.

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Our theme song "Carrot Juice Is Murder" is used by permission by the Arrogant Worms