I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!

Episode 1: Two Guys, Two Countries, One Love for News

| October 16, 2006


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Show Notes:

Special thanks goes out to The Arrogant Worms (website: http://www.arrogant-worms.com/) for the outro music, sampling from "Don't Go Into Politics." Thanks guys! Intro and a bit about our surprise wintry weather in Iowa and Ontario News You May Have Missed - a plethora of newsy bits that flew under the NORAD radar. Issue One -- Did someone page Dennis Hastert or is that a new Congress in your pocket? Fallout shelters for Republicans and what might happen in November. Issue Two -- Gagging Rona Ambrose or the Cons' noxious plan to derail Kyoto. Bush frowns, Harper jumps, in Alberta the oil boys celebrate. Will the world mourn? Where's Jack Layton? Issue Three -- Dear (demented) Leader has the bomb. 'You know, the bomb Dmitry. Remember we talked about what we would do if something went wrong with the bomb. . . ?' Will now Kim Jong Il has the bomb and is it worth fighting in the war room about? Or a thankful national security diversion for the GOP from the Foley mess? We discuss.