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Slain cyclist's father still has serious concerns about the handling of his son's case

| May 23, 2013


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Title: Slain cyclist's father still has serious concerns about the handling of his son's case
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Year: 2013
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Show Notes:

Listen to the entire press conference including the Q & A session with the media.

On Thursday, Allan Sheppard Sr. met with members of the media to give a short statement and raise serious questions and concerns about the handling of his son’s case by Special Prosecutor Peck and his Toronto agent.

From the press release:

Documents obtained by Mr. Sheppard Sr. directly or significantly contradict and raise questions about Special Prosecutor Peck’s explanation of his decision to drop charges. Key evidence used by Peck is inaccessible under Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

In August 2009, cyclist Darcy Allan “Al” Sheppard died as a result of an altercation involving motorist Michael Bryant, who was then head of Invest Toronto and had recently been Attorney General for Ontario in the Dalton McGuinty government.

Because Attorney General Bryant had appointed many and overseen the work of most Crown staff prosecutors, Vancouver defense lawyer Richard Peck was retained as an independent special prosecutor, to avoid possible conflicts of interest. Peck selected Toronto lawyer Mark Sandler as his agent and case manager.

Sandler interviewed Bryant and his wife, Susan Abramovitch (who was with Bryant at the time of the incident) on March 23, 2010 for their version of the incident. On May 25, 2010, Special Prosecutor Peck dropped charges of dangerous operation of a vehicle causing death and criminal negligence causing death. In August 2012 Bryant published a memoir giving his version of the incident and its background. The Crown never sought Sheppard’s side of the story, only Michael Bryant’s.