Journalists for Human Rights

jhr Rights Report #17: The new fight for civil and political rights

| February 16, 2012


Artist: JHR
Title: Rights Report
Year: 2012
Length: 0:17:50
Format: 44.1kHz, 64Kbps

Show Notes:

The 17th edition of the jhr Rights Report speaks to Afghans for Peace, a group of Afghans fighting for the right to self-determination in a country under occupation, and looks at how a group of young female boxers are fighting for equal rights and changing Afghan society. 

*Rights Report news update* 23-year-old Saudi journalist Hamza Kashgari may face a death sentence in Saudi Arabia for three tweets deemed as blasphemy by religious authorities in the Islamic country.

The Rights Report also hears from jhr UK correspondent Joelle Pouliot in London with an update on the phone hacking scandal plaguing the British tabloid media. jhr Ottawa correspondent Mashoka Maimona takes listeners to Parliament Hill, where Canadian children called on the government to make education a right for all First Nations kids, a civil rights movement known as Shannen's dream.