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# 194 - Daphne Schenk - Other Side of Silence (Pt 2)

| August 1, 2012


Artist: LoP-Daphne-Schenk
Title: Pt-2-Other-Side-of-Silence
Genre: Speech
Length: 0:03:57 minutes (3.63 MB)
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

Daphne Schenk speaks of son Taiga

For Daphne Schenk, all through the last 15 years since her son was born, it has always been her prayer and her path "to learn, listen honour and to give voice to this journey with Tai and those precious souls like himself". 

Society would label Taiga with Down Syndrome and autism, while Daphne sees poignant evidence of the special gifts he brings to her and to the world.

Here in Part 2 of two short recordings with Daphne (from April 2012 by Lynn Thompson) is a glimpse of what she is discovering.

Under the auspices of The Messenger Network, Daphne has entered a speaking /writing contest on line. This is a timely opportunity to share her story in a wider outreach, and is also a new and expansive challenge!

The video is 8:58 and supporters are able to view, vote and post comments through to the end of August 2012 (follow links to register for voting).

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