Living On Purpose

# 197 - Andrea Henry is On Purpose

| December 28, 2012


Artist: LivingOnPurpose
Title: Andrea-Henry-11-29-12
Year: 2012
Genre: Speech
Length: 0:07:57 minutes (7.29 MB)
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

Andrea Henry

Lynn Thompson, host and producer of Living on Purpose, has a 12 year long (and counting) routine of sharing The Heart Cards as she travels about ~ one of them was received by the boyfriend of Andrea Henry, and he told Lynn that his girlfriend Andrea is a singer songwriter, so Lynn went one step further in also sharing her Living on Purpose calling card to give to Andrea.

Following many months of sporatic email communication, finally in late November 2012, Andrea and Lynn managed to meet in person when Lynn was visiting Toronto from Ottawa ~ on an evening that was mild enough for them to record a brief conversation outside, that includes a sample of Andrea's awesome singing voice!

The serendipity of creative collaboration and general upliftedness continues to flourish with further musical connections in the wings, and all because of a spontaneous sharing of one of The Heart Cards!

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