Living On Purpose

Episode #95 ~ Virtuous Consumer - Part One

| January 28, 2008


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Show Notes:

"As our stress levels rise with greenhouse gas emissions, we struggle to make choices that are better for the planet...and for us. If only we knew exactly what those choices should be...

But how? With little useful information available to help her go shopping - and not harm the planet or its people in the process - Leslie Garrett, a national award-winning journalist, decided to find the answers herself....the book is sprinkled with bizarre trivia, fascinating personality profiles and quick tips - all focused on living a greener, cleaner life."

Lynn Thompson had the opportunity to speak with Leslie by phone in the last week of January 2008, about her new book "The Virtuous Consumer". Dan Becker of the Sierra Club's Global Warming Program salutes the book: "'The Virtuous Consumer' is a guide for the green, and the green at heart...Enjoyable and non-guilt-inducing, this book helps us protect the planet by separating the hydrocarbons from the hydrogenated fats."

The conversation is in two parts, with the second as Episode #96.


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