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Advancing the interests and improving the lives of marginalized persons through law reform, legal education, and strategic legal action.
Pivot Legal Society

Olympic social housing hit with huge hidden bills

December 9, 2011
| Scott Bernstein explains why Pivot is representing low-income tenants from Vancouver's Olympic Village housing complex.
Length: 12:06
Pivot Legal Society

Vancouver slumlord sued by 11 more ex-tenants

November 23, 2011
| Pivot lawyer Doug King talks about 11 more ex-tenants who are launching legal action against slumlord George Wolsey. We also talk to two tenants about their experiences.
Length: 24:30
Pivot Legal Society

Know your rights cards, 10 years on

November 17, 2011
| Katrina Pacey talks with Paul Ryan about the original Pivot publication, the statement for police rights card which has been produced since July 2002.
Length: 06:21 minutes (5.83 MB)
Pivot Legal Society

Why criminalizing clients won't work

November 14, 2011
| Lawyer Katrina Pacey talks to Paul Ryan about why street-level sex workers would be just as unsafe if laws were introduced to criminalize sex work clients.
Length: 12:35
Pivot Legal Society

Solutions to Vancouver's homelessness crisis

November 11, 2011
| In the run-up to municipal elections on November 19, Ivan Drury explains 3 easy steps that would be easy for city hall to implement to solve the homelessness crisis, at almost no cost to taxpayers.
Length: 26:10
Pivot Legal Society

Carlotta Gurl and Pivot

November 3, 2011
| Drag Queen Carlotta Gurl talks about why she supports Pivot's advocacy for marginalized people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside on the eve of Passion for Justice in Vancouver.
Length: 08:42 minutes (7.98 MB)
Pivot Legal Society

Downtown Eastside Magic

October 15, 2011
| Hope in Shadows project director Paul Ryan talks to this year's Hope in Shadows Photography Contest winner Kim Washburn after the recent opening of the annual exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery.
Length: 10:59
Pivot Legal Society

Housing and gentrification in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

September 26, 2011
| Wendy Pedersen, community organizer for the Carnegie Community Action Project, talks about housing and the fight against gentrification in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
Length: 12:15
Pivot Legal Society

YIMBY kit launched to fight NIMBYism

September 26, 2011
| The YIMBY kit was launched in Vancouver over the weekend. We talk with Pivot's Darcie Bennett and Johanna Suttor-Doerksen from the Salsbury Community Society.
Length: 07:55 minutes (7.26 MB)
Pivot Legal Society

New Vancouver sex work report

September 17, 2011
| Katrina Pacey talks about what is -- and more importantly, what isn't -- in the new report put out by the City of Vancouver on sex work in the city.
Length: 08:17 minutes (7.59 MB)