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Capitalism, mental health, and the NBA: The story of Royce White

| February 15, 2013


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Title: Royce White Interview
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Capitalism, Mental Health, and the NBA: The Story of Royce White

On this week's episode of Progressive Voices, Nathan Kalman-Lamb, academic and co-author of Out of Left Field: Social Inequality and Sports, speaks to the controversy around NBA player Royce White and his request for accommodations for his generalized anxiety disorder.

White recently participated in an interview with ESPN's Chuck Klosterman, in which he identified how capitalism and social inequality contribute to mental illness, citing the "subtle war - in America and in the world - between business and health, " (For the full transcript of White's interview with Klosterman, click here)

Kalman-Lamb illustrates how the narratives around mental health are decontextualized from capitalism, explains how White is following in the footsteps of athletes like Muhammed Ali in using their influence to  challenge capitalism, and outlines the need for more athletes to speak out and rally behind what White has to say.

To read Kalman-Lamb's analysis of the issue as it appeared in sport and society journal Left Hook, click here.

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