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Marineland SLAPPs back

| February 25, 2013


Artist: Progressive Voices
Title: Dylan Powell Interview
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Show Notes:

Emperor John "Palpatine" Holer

On this week's episode of Progressive Voices, Dylan Powell, co-founder of Marineland Animal Defense, speaks to the $1.5 million dollar lawsuit filed against him by Marineland. Deeming this lawsuit to be a "strategic lawsuit against public participation", Powell highlights additional SLAPP suits against whistleblowers and other advocacy groups as evidence of Marineland's desire to stifle opposition to the park. This stifling is not limited to the filing of lawsuits, with examples including Marineland owner John Holer threatening to cut Powell's head off, as well as putting up a sign encouraging drivers to run over protestors leafletting at the park.

Powell also touches upon the fact that injustices have been perpetrated by Holer against both non-human and human animals, referencing his eviction of 47 families in 2011 who were living on land that had been bought up by Holer, causing one tenant to take her own life.

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