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Setting the record straight on Syria

| May 10, 2013


Artist: Progressive Voices
Title: Ken Stone Syria Interview
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Show Notes:

Hands Off Syria

On this week's episode of Progressive Voices, Ken Stone, treasurer of the Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, provides a comprehensive overview of both the situation on the ground in Syria as well as the geopolitics of the region.

Stone references successes by the Syrian army against the the foreign, Al-Qaeda-linked mercenary forces and the push for a made-in-Syria reconciliaition process as reasons for hope in ending the civil war. Yet at the same time, Western governments, including Canada, continue to economically and militarily support these "rebel" fighters in hopes of destabilizing the Syrian state and prompting humanitarian intervention under the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine. In addition, Israel has begun bombing Syria, on behalf of the US, to turn the tide against the Syrian government.

Stone highlights the lack of evidence that the Syrian government has employed chemical weasons, combined with evidence that the mercenary forces instead have employed chemical weapons, as well as draws upon the recent examples of Libya, Iraq, and the former Republic of Yugoslavia as reasons to be wary of this "humanitarian imperialism"

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