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#1 - Is this thing on? Oh yeah!

| August 21, 2005


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Show Notes:

(00:00 - 01:14) Show intro and rundown
(01:15 - 04:24) rabble's editor Sharon Fraser fills us in on upcoming online features, including a new book section
(04:25 - 08:35) Sound designer Velcrow Ripper travels to the University of California, Berkley and listens in on the founding conference of Network of Spiritual Progressives.
(08:36 - 08:58) Paul Martin "No Offer"
(08:59 - 11:52) Our U.S. correspondent, and rabble.ca columnist Keith Gottschalk laments weakening unions, John Roberts and the American Right and the good ol' "good doggie" routine
(11:53 - 16:18) rabble radio soundseeing tour editor Alex Olsen takes us on an aural tour of Duluth Street in Montreal
(16:19 - 18:10) auntie offers acoustic advice to the overheated
(18:11 - 22:22) Canadian alt-country band, Charlie Angus and The Grievous Angels bring us an ode to the drink-bearing Northern muse
(22:23 - 26:36) Jennifer Moore with the National Campus and Community Radio Association takes us to a community radio barn raising.
(26:37 - 30:33) rabble's new book editor, Lisa Rundle, learns about sex with a ghost when she visits Rancho Relaxo with Emily Pohl-Weary author of A Girl Like Sugar
(30:34 - 32:06) The Prize Queen gets curious about the GG's next gig, fill her in and win astounding rabble.ca swag
(32:07 - 33:00) How you can contact us and contribute to rabble radio
(33:01 - 36:09) The Grievous Angels send us off with their tune, Barrière Lake