Asia Pacific Currents July 31
Labour news and current affairs from the Asia Pacific Region.
Aw@l July 31
In this music heavy show, Dan Discusses G20 violence, plays a CRIME on France, and plays Abousfian Abdelrazik Interview among other updates...
Stark Raven: Prison Justice July 30
Lawyer and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Advocate David Boulding shares his take on FASD and the criminal justice system.
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy! July 29
Hypocrisy reigns as a government that hates the long form on the census invades Toronto with the G20 (and tells women what to do with their bodies), plus what does it mean to leak war documents?
Labour Show July 29
30 minutes of labour news and features from around the world brought to you by the Labour Show.
John Bonnar Audio Blog July 27
“Kelly is an amazing person, a good organizer and done a lot for the community,” said Julian Ichim, a friend and organizer with Sense of Security (S.O.S.).
John Bonnar Audio Blog July 27
“The police immediately came in and handcuffed us,” said Marque Brill, of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. “They didn’t ask us at all, as would be normal, to leave or we will be arrested.”
Reel Women July 27
A cinematic study of police force over 20 years: bad lieutenant one versus bad lieutenant two.
Pivot Legal Society July 27
Paul Ryan talks to Doug King about an upcoming Red Tents action and seeking dialogue with Conservative MPs who voted against an amendment to C-304, the bill for a proposed national housing strategy.
Redeye July 26
BP's operation of the Deepwater Horizon was both negligent and reckless according to Russell Mokhiber of Corporate Crime Reporter.
Redeye July 24
Redeye: Vancouver Cooperative Radio
After Israel launched its deadly attack on Gaza in December 2009, anti-war activists broke into a British arms factory, smashed up equipment worth $300,000, and waited for the police to arrest them.
Redeye July 22
Richard Steiner was deeply involved in the aftermath of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. He just returned from working at the site of BP's Deepwater Horizon gusher and on the Gulf Coast.
The Roaming Ear July 21
Sounds of Guatemala and Honduras
In February of this year, Victoria Fenner went down to Central America to gather material for the podcast/radio series "The Green Planet Monitor." Here are some of the sounds she brought back.
Redeye July 21
A new art exhibit in Vancouver explores the little-known history of Albanian Muslims who saved Jews during the Second World War.
Redeye July 21
Since government support for housing co-ops dried up in the 1990s, fewer than 300 new co-op units have been created outside of Quebec.
Redeye July 21
Metro Vancouver is considering a waste-to-energy garbage incinerator. Helen Speigelman says that this technology is a hangover from Victorian times that has no place in modern cities.
Redeye July 21
Organizers at the recent U.S. Social Forum used low-power radio technology to ensure that everyone could engage in discussion together, regardless of their mother tongue.
The Ruckus July 20
The Ruckus continues wandering through Canada's rock and roll past, with the first of a three-part series on Thrush Hermit.
Asia Pacific Currents July 17
Labour news from the Asia Pacific. Interview with Afshin Nikouseresht from Iran Solidarity, about the state of organized labour and other progressive campaigns in Iran.
Aw@l July 15
A bit of a wrap up on the G20 shit show in toronto with lots of statements and calling out spooks
Pivot Legal Society July 13
Sean Condon of Megaphone Magazine talks about how he came about an exclusive story about the Vancouver Police exercising excessive force on a homeless man.
Redeye July 12
Ever since the Triqui municipality of San Jaun Copala, Mexico declared itself autonomous, its citizens have faced extreme violence at the hands of a government funded paramilitary organization.
John Bonnar Audio Blog July 12
Two weeks ago, more than 25,000 people marched in the streets of Toronto, opposing the influence Stephen Harper was hoping to exert over the other G20 leaders.
Labour Show July 12
Folk singer Joey Only talks about his 2010 Transgression Trail Tour and life on the road.
John Bonnar Audio Blog July 11
Tommy Taylor was arrested and detained for almost 24 hours after being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time on Saturday during the G20 summit protests.
John Bonnar Audio Blog July 11
“Harper and McGuinty should cut their losses and call this public inquiry,” said Sid Ryan at Saturday’s rally and march in Toronto.
John Bonnar Audio Blog July 11
Shanaaz Gokool, the Chair of Amnesty International Canada, says what happened over the G20 weekend threatened the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.
Reel Women July 9
Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond visit the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and the Futuristic Brazil.
Labour Show July 9
30 minutes of labour news and features from around the world brought to you by the labour show.
Redeye July 8
Founder of Navdanya, an environmental justice organization that counts five million farmer families in 16 states of India among its members, speaking in Toronto on the first day of the G20 Summit.