Labour Show May 27
30 Minutes of labour news and features brought to you by the Labour Show.
John Bonnar Audio Blog May 27
Five underhoused and homeless Ontarians have launched a charter challenge against the provincial and federal governments.
Reel Women May 27
Fashion and fighting come together with When We Were Kings and Valentino: The Last Emperor.
Redeye May 26
When one B.C. ministry takes children into temporary care, another B.C. ministry reduces the shelter allowance and parents lose their housing. This makes it very hard for the children to return home.
The F Word May 25
A new documentary titled Africa Rising exposes the ground level work, spearheaded by local women, to end FGM in Africa. Taina Bien-Aime of Equality Now speaks with The F Word about this movement.
John Bonnar Audio Blog May 25
The use of 'Israeli Apartheid' will not be allowed in the Parade, Pride Toronto said Tuesday at a press conference outside their office.
Redeye May 25
Goldcorp is a Vancouver-based mining company active in Central America where it faces widespread opposition. This week Central American activists attended Goldcorp's annual shareholder meeting.
Redeye May 25
Barrick Gold corporation threatened a small publisher in British Columbia with defamation if it published a book critical of Canada's role in the international mining industry.
The Ruckus May 25
In this episode, Elyse Weinberg tells her own tale of nearly making it in the music industry, and taking a 41-year break.
John Bonnar Audio Blog May 21
The Toronto Community Mobilization Network (TCMN) held a press conference Thursday to discuss key issues and how the G8/G20 leaders' decisions will affect their communities.
Labour Show May 21
30 minutes of labour news and features brought to you by the Labour Show.
radio book lounge May 21
The News: A Groundwork Guide
Matt Adams, host of I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!, chats with author Peter Steven about his new book The News: A Groundwork Guide.
rabble radio May 19
rabble radio logo
Greek labour activist proposes solutions to the financial crisis, a lawyer on a complaint that could change the lives of foster children in B.C., and rabble radio receives a gift from Bob Wiseman!
Pivot Legal Society May 18
Pivot Lawyer Lobat Sadrehashemi talks about a complaint filed to the B.C. Ombudsperson regarding a policy that makes it difficult for foster children to return to their parents.
Africafiles: The Pulse May 18
Cameroon music offers a glimpse of the art and culture of the country. What can you tell about Cameroon by listening to its music?
John Bonnar Audio Blog May 18
If passed, Bill 94 would deny access to essential government services to people who wear facial coverings.
Redeye May 18
The recent climate conference in Cochabamba did not arise out of the blue. It was, in many ways, a reflection of the political processes at work in Bolivia itself.
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy! May 17
The Maine Republican party goes Tea Party, a Senator calls for guilty until proven innocent, another TP group wants U.S. senators to be appointed, but democracy might be breaking out in Britain.
Redeye May 17
Following the provincial budget, the B.C. Liberals announced that they were cutting dental support, shelter allowance for the homeless and other services for the poorest people in the province.
Redeye May 16
Nearly a year has passed since a federal court judge ordered the Canadian government to allow Abdelrazik to return home to Canada. But he still can't work, have a bank account, or travel.
Redeye May 16
Three people who live in Intag, Ecuador, launched a one and a half billion dollar lawsuit in court in Ontario, suing both the mining company Copper Mesa and the TSE.
Redeye May 16
Catherine Edwards thinks it's time for cable companies to open up their airways to communities to create programming. Edwards is with CACTUS, an advocacy group for public access broadcasting.
Asia Pacific Currents May 15
Update on Thailand protests, Iranian unionist execution and interview on south Korean labour movement.
Redeye May 15
Fish Lake, or Tetzan Biny, is a piece of the ancestral heritage of the Tsilhq ot'in people of the Nemiah Valley as well as a source of food today. Taseko Mines wants to turn it into a tailings pond.
Redeye May 15
Bankruptcy, massive protests and accusations of corruption have dominated the media's coverage of the Greek economic crisis. Belt-tightening is the proposed solution. Costas Panayotakis disagrees.
Redeye May 15
Ali Abunimah has just returned from meeting with solidarity activists and government officials in South Africa. Abunimah is co-founder of Electronic Intifada.
John Bonnar Audio Blog May 13
Moving ID worker Gaetan Heroux out of Street Health was done because he spoke out in favor of the CUPE unionization drive, three long-time Toronto activists concluded in a report released Wednesday.
Redeye May 12
Chevron Canada has just begun work on the deepest oil well ever drilled in Canadian waters. Antonia Juhasz says the leak in the Gulf of Mexico will help us fight offshore driling.
Redeye May 12
Kip Woodward is a former board member of the for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre. Yet the B.C. government has just appointed Woodward to oversee the second-largest health authority in the province.
Redeye May 12
Food activists question Oxfam America's stance that "transgenic crops offer enormous possibilities." Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute was one of the signatories of an open letter to Oxfam.