Aw@l February 8
Discussion of the impact of the olympics on the environment, on the Indigenous, on civil liberties and on social justice issues.
Redeye February 8
Despite substantial evidence of election fraud and repression of mass mobilization against the coup last June, Canada and the United States recognize the new president.
Needs No Introduction February 8
The Canadian Labour Congress' Joel Harden describes the agenda for action on its "Retirement Security for All" campaign.
I Read The News Today, Oh Boy! February 6
A U.S senator claims the Constitution only protects citizens, and corporations have new election powers, and people protest due process then you know it is fear of a democratic planet.
Redeye February 6
Activist and comedian Charles Demers was born and raised in Vancouver. Vancouver Special is a hilarious look at the city's past and present, from its pot industry to its dog mania.
Redeye February 6
The highway expansion planned for the Lower Mainland was designed for increased truck traffic from a container port in Delta to Highway 1. Opponents say it's no longer needed.
Maker Culture February 5
How hackers set us on the track to be makers.
radio book lounge February 5
Vancouver-based author Robert Chaplin discusses his art, books and alternative forms of publishing.
Redeye February 5
George Bisharat details Israel’s campaign to transform international humanitarian law so they have immunity for their human rights violations.
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension February 4
Alert! Radio #142 - Interviews with Dennis Pilon, and Sid Shniad. Music is the Weapon with Mitch Podolak.
Redeye February 4
People's Coop Books has been selling a wide range of progressive books in Vancouver since 1945. We find out some of the history of the store from Ray Viaud.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice February 4
A BC woman still searches for answers and accountability in the shooting death of her brother by police.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice February 3
Author and activist Chris Shaw on defending civil liberties in face of the Olympic security regime.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice February 3
SFU Professor David MacAlister is trying to find out how and why people die in police custody
Redeye February 3
Seventy-six Tamil refugees were immediately taken into custody when they were discovered off the coast of British Columbia in October 2009 under suspicion of membership in the Tamil Tigers.
Redeye February 3
Micheal Vonn says it's a well-accepted fact that the security put in place for the Olympics doesn't leave town when the athletes go back home.
Needs No Introduction February 2
From Ottawa, Whitehorse and Toronto, we hear speeches, statements and songs of protest against the Conservative party's prorogation of Parliament.
Redeye February 2
Roger Annis of Haiti Solidarity B.C. says Haitians have reacted to the earthquake with dignity and community spirit. Yet donor countries have insisted on sending in the military along with the aid.
Street Cred February 2
Toronto taxi driver shares his geographic philosophy.
Redeye February 2
In 2005, James Long found a suitcase full of photographs in an alley in East Vancouver. That chance find led to this play currently showing at the PUSH International Performing Arts Festival.
Stark Raven: Prison Justice February 1
Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against the War says its time Canada repatriated Omar Khadr -- the last Western citizen detained at Guantanamo Bay.
Redeye January 31
Since oil was discovered in Nigeria, life expectancy has dropped by 20 years, mangroves have disappeared and fish have been poisoned. Meanwhile the wealth generated by the resource leaves the country.
Redeye January 30
Earlier this month, Weibo Ludwig was questioned for several hours about the bombings of six gas pipelines in northern Alberta and B.C.
Redeye January 30
Vancouver City Council allows 15-storey buildings in Downtown Eastside. Housing activists say the zoning change will push low-income residents out of the area in favour of more condos.
Maker Culture January 29
Where did maker culture come from? What makes a maker?
Redeye January 29
Premier Ed Stelmach says his government will consider proposals for nuclear power plants on a case-by-case basis.
Reel Women January 29
Check out two great war vids: Oscar hopeful The Hurt Locker and Oscar winner The Fog of War.
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension January 28
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension
Alert! Radio #141 - Interviews with Judy Rebick, Roger Annis and Paul Jackson about the erosion of democracy, restoring Haitian sovereignty and stories from Port-au-Prince.
Speak! January 28
Laura Blank, a World Vision relief worker stationed in Haiti tells us the sights, sounds and smells she's experienced in Haiti.
rabble radio January 27
An aid worker shares stories of cooperation from Haiti, audio from Canada's anti-prorogation demonstrations, and Dr. Julia Agwu on what Africa sees in climate change.