Reel Women

Reel Women

Every two weeks Judy and Cathi surprise (and occasionally shock) one another with unexpected cinematic delicacies they've found tucked into the wall at the video hut. Tune in while these two radio sirens talk about intriguing new video releases sliding into home entertainment centres across the country.
Reel Women

DVD Review: The Reel Women pirouette into the world of ballet

July 5, 2011
| Judy and Cathi go behind the curtains for a peek into the punishing world of ballet, when they review The Red Shoes and the Black Swan.
Length: 09:19 minutes (6.45 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist

June 11, 2011
| DVD review of 'The Triplets of Belleville' and 'The Illusionist' by French animation master Syvlain Chomet -- two fantastic cinematic creations using primarily old-style single cell animation.
Length: 08:24 minutes (7.74 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Women take action -- union action -- to exact true story change

May 15, 2011
| Made in Dagenham and Silkwood -- grab your earbuds for two fab flicks about extraordinary chicks!
Length: 07:49 minutes (7.21 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Hop on the train with two terrific choo-choo flicks

April 7, 2011
| Looking for excellent action in all the wrong places? Check the tracks 'cause they're coming through! Two terrific action flicks riding the rails at top speed.
Length: 06:54 minutes (6.37 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Nowhere Boy -- A look at the early life of John Lennon

March 10, 2011
| John Lennon: A rebellious provocateur, occasional jerk and funny mama's boy who helped change the world. Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond review the film Nowhere Boy.
Length: 08:18 minutes (3.85 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Reviews: Happy Valentine's Day from Judy Rebick, Meryl Streep, Cathi Bond and Katharine Hepburn

February 14, 2011
| Looking for some Sweet Movie Love with a Woman of the Year who finds out that It's Complicated.
Length: 08:07 minutes (5.62 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: A Visit to the Big House to see A Prophet, taking The Midnight Express

January 31, 2011
| Judy and Cathi talk up two prison flicks: A Prophet and The Midnight Express
Length: 08:27 minutes (5.85 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Judy and Cathi ring in the New Year with two sensational spy flix

January 7, 2011
| Love Hitchcock? Crazy about Christopher Nolan? Check out Foreign Correspondent and Inception.
Length: 08:54 minutes (6.16 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: There's a new queen bee of the family dramedy

December 23, 2010
| While Hollywood churns out blockbusters, director Lisa Choloden revisits the American family genre.
Length: 10:27 minutes (7.22 MB)
Reel Women

DVD Review: Scott Pilgrim Versus the World Dukes it out with Bubba Ho Tep

December 6, 2010
| Reel Women dig into the vaults to review two terrific cult flix: One -- a classic and the other -- brand spanking new!
Length: 07:36 minutes (5.26 MB)