The Ruckus

#24 - Talkin' Art and Gravy with Jian Ghomeshi

| June 18, 2009


Title: The Ruckus Episode 24
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Genre: Other
Length: 0:31:35
Format: 44.1kHz, 224Kbps

Show Notes:

#24 - Talkin' Art and Gravy with Jian Ghomeshi

0:00 - 2:15 Intro. (includes a 30-second segment of "King of Spain" by Moxy Früvous).

2:16 - 6:06 Pamela Brennan - Amsterdam (from her 2009 CD, 100 Photographs)

6:07 - 10:57 Colin Linden - From The Water (from his 2009 CD, From The Water)

10:58 - 12:55 Kevin introduces Jian Ghomeshi! (includes a 30-segment segment of "Stuck in the 90s" by Moxy Früvous)

12:56 - 30:44 Kevin chats with Jian about his circuitous career trajectory, and how he sees himself fitting in to the Canadian arts landscape. And like, duh... of course I asked him about Billybob Thornton.

30:45 - 31:35 outro...Thanks for listening!

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