Stark Raven: Prison Justice

Prisoners and their families face bureaucratic nightmare behind bars

| November 10, 2010


Artist: Interview with Dawn, a family member of a federal prisoner
Title: Prisoners and family struggle against ongoing bureaucratic nightmare
Album: Stark Raven
Year: 2010
Genre: Public Affairs
Length: 0:19:53
Format: 44.1kHz, 128Kbps

Show Notes:

Our society sends people to prison for breaking laws. These are rules we are told to follow in order to ensure the effective, respectful functioning of our society.

There does seem to be an irony to the fact that the very institution where we send lawbreakers, is often devoid of the rule of law.

Dawn is one woman who has experienced this. She has seen her husband through several years in the federal prison system. They have both been dealing with the bureaucracy and arbitrary-ness behind the walls.

Dawn is currently supporting her husband in fighting a recent transfer to maximum security. One he says is unjustified and based on that very arbitrariness.

Stark Raven speaks with Dawn about her husband’s struggles with the prison bureaucracy.