Needs No Introduction

Keira-Dawn Kolson at Powershift 2012

| November 7, 2012


Title: Keira-Dawn Kolson at Powershift 2012
Album: Needs No Introduction
Genre: Other
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Show Notes:

Needs No Introduction

From October 26-29 1000 youth from across the country participated in a historic climate justice conference in Ottawa. Powershift worked to train a generation of climate justice activists to usher in a clean energy revolution.   

Keira-Dawn Kolson is a Tso'Tine-Gwich'in youth from the North West Territories.  She is a multi-discplinary artist and motivational speaker, singer-songwriter, leader, dreamer and educator. Her community has faced pipelines, water shortages, changing climate and a dwindling supply of their traditionally hunted caribou. 

Kolson addressed the opening of PowerShift 2012 on how "resource development" has impacted her community.