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The Swan Song

Hosting live artist interviews and discussing contemporary social issues.
The Swan Song

The disease

June 2, 2015
| She woke up one day and one entire side of her body was numb. Karen Magill was diagnosed with MS when she was 35.
Length: 15:55 minutes (14.57 MB)
The Swan Song

Judy Rebick on gender politics

March 26, 2015
| Former CBC host and founder of speaks with David Swanson about feminism in the age of Occupy, the evolution of gender rights and the importance of International Women's Day.
Length: 35:23 minutes (32.4 MB)
The Swan Song

World Radio Day: Human rights radio stories

February 10, 2015
| February 13 is World Radio Day! To celebrate, you'll hear five stories that showcase the impact of radio in developing communities.
Length: 22:14 minutes (20.37 MB)
The Swan Song

The poet

January 29, 2015
| Decorated Vancouver poet Timothy Shay reads a few of his pieces, discusses the story behind each and shares some of his thoughts on poetry.
Length: 28:12 minutes (25.83 MB)
The Swan Song

The courtship: Part 2

January 9, 2015
| Dating coach Deanna Cobden discusses having sex on the first date, benefits and drawbacks of online dating, and why love seems to be so elusive for so many people.
Length: 24:25 minutes (22.36 MB)
The Swan Song

The courtship: Part 1

December 31, 2014
| Dating coach Deanna Cobden speaks about finding that special someone.
Length: 20:23 minutes (18.68 MB)
The Swan Song

The Latvian art diaries

November 17, 2014
| Riga, Latvia's capital, was chosen as the 2014 European Capital of Culture. These are some stories from Riga's creative community.
Length: 58:34 minutes (80.45 MB)
The Swan Song

Prenatal testing: What are the ethical issues?

November 16, 2014
| Simon Fraser University's Dr. Ivona Mladinovic discusses the ethical issues involved with prenatal genetic and gender testing.
Length: 22:18 minutes (20.42 MB)
The Swan Song

The activist: Greenpeace co-founder Rod Marining shares his story

October 27, 2014
| Greenpeace co-founder Rod Marining talks about his early activist years, establishing Greenpeace, fighting nuclear testing and Arctic oil drilling and the dangers he faced as a radical activist.
Length: 29:47 minutes (27.27 MB)
The Swan Song

The phobia

October 6, 2014
| Psychologist Dr. Randy Paterson discuss the personal and social forces sources behind phobias and how he tries to help people overcome their debilitating fears.
Length: 27:07 minutes (24.83 MB)