Who’s on Second?

Episode Six - Riding the Orca - Linda Kelley

| December 26, 2006


Artist: Wayne MacPhail
Title: Episode Six - Riding the Orca - Linda Kelley
Album: Who's on Second?
Genre: Podcast
Length: 0:15:43
Format: 48kHz, 160Kbps

Show Notes:

There are all sorts of landscapes in Second Life - hyperformalist, hyperactive, mechanical, Victorian and sometimes, just sometimes, gentle, natural and refreshing. Linda Kelley, Delia Lake in Second Life, has created a half dozen of those sorts of landscapes. Well, waterscapes, really. She's the Centre for Water Studies on Better World Island (Better World 24, 51, 22). They're tiny perfect habitats full of fish, mammals and flora Linda hopes remind us all how precious water is. In the real world Linda is a success consultant who believes how we move through the world and appear in it can shape and improve our progress, as individuals and as a species. She spoke with me, via Skype, from her home in Boston. If you'd like to learn more about Linda's real life work, check out cultivatingexcellence.com. If you're part of a educational or nonprofit group doing cool stuff in Second Life and would like to be featured in this podcast, or if you just have some show feedback please drop me a line at wmacphail@gmail.com. In real life I run a company called w8nc. I help nonprofits and educators with emerging technology, like Second Life. You can find a link to my company site w 8 n c.com in the show notes. Let me know if I can be of service. I'm Wayne MacPhail, Medium Helvetic in Second Life. Drop by if you're in game.