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Write Along Radio about writing. It's about thinking differently about writing and having fun doing it. Kevin Johns & Catherine Brunelle (fellow writers), invite you to join them each episode as they tackling yet another writing challenge. Everyone is welcome! Come write along. #WriteAlongRadio
Write Along Radio

Home at Sea: Sentimental stories of an ocean in crisis

October 28, 2015
| Listen to this special storytelling episode that takes you on a trip to the ocean. You'll encounter crowded beaches, stormy waves, moments of quiet and mysterious creatures.
Length: 44:09 minutes (40.43 MB)
Write Along Radio

Try everything, including this

August 3, 2015
| Indie writers have one definite advantage: in owning their book rights, they're empowered to experiment with storytelling format. So, are you taking advantage?
Length: 17:49 minutes (16.32 MB)
Write Along Radio

Reading Lolita in Tehran, Azar Nafisi, and the power of reading

July 2, 2015
| Have you heard of Reading Lolita in Tehran? Listen in as New York best-selling author, the passionate Azar Nafisi, shares on the magic of reading and how stories tell a nation’s true culture.
Length: 33:35 minutes (30.76 MB)
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Jeffrey Deaver on writing villains, gore and outlines

June 1, 2015
| From the Ottawa International Writers Festival, bestselling crime author Jeffrey Deaver offers advice on writing fantastic villains, the Post-it system, the etiquette of gore and more.
Length: 29:47 minutes (27.27 MB)
Write Along Radio

The hidden lives of book reviewers

May 27, 2015
| In this episode, we enter the behind-the-scenes world of Foment Literary Magazine to meet their team of book reviewers. Listen in for their side of the writing experience.
Length: 13:55 minutes (12.75 MB)
Write Along Radio

Editors: Why we need them

May 19, 2015
| The reality is, it's not cheap at all to hire a professional quality editor. In today's episode, we brainstorm how to afford that essential work. Also, we talk writing prizes.
Length: 42:30 minutes (39.07 MB)
Write Along Radio

May writing challenge!

May 5, 2015
| In this episode, we challenge you to dig into the old files on your computer, and finish something abandoned. Plus, we recap how much we struggled with last month's writing challenge!
Length: 25:09 minutes (23.03 MB)
Write Along Radio

Writing mentors: Been there, done that, do more

April 27, 2015
| This week, we're talking about finding community and mentoring in writing. Listen as we share how you can connect with those who will push you in your writing.
Length: 33:29 minutes (30.66 MB)
Write Along Radio

Jane Urquhart and Charlotte Gray on writing

April 23, 2015
| Relive the conversation on writing between well-known Canadian authors Jane Urquhart and Charlotte Gray, with Write Along Radio and Foment Literary Journal.
Length: 25:46 minutes (23.6 MB)
Write Along Radio

Why festival? A discussion on the need to discuss.

April 11, 2015
| In today's roundtable with international Writers Festival director Sean Wilson and Foment Magazine editor Daniel B. Richardson, we explore that question and discuss the importance of discussion.
Length: 45:26 minutes (41.6 MB)