rabble radio May 31
Desmond Cole, Toronto journalist and activist and Cicely Belle-Blain a Vancouver artist and community organizer, talk about Black Lives Matter in their cities.
Asia Pacific Currents May 31
Labour updates from workers struggle in the Asia Pacific and interview with Sivarajan Arumugam on the situation in Malaysia.
face2face May 30
Peter Stockland on Public Life, Being Human and Eating Lunch at Home
Peter talks about what it means to be human, why he believes in something beyond himself, how we shape our understanding and why he thinks we should all be eating lunch at home a little more often.
Green Majority Radio May 30
A generational gap in conservative thought appears to be opening with new right wing leaders beginning to accept climate science.
MsRepresent May 26
Photo by Jason Kruger
In this week's episode, the biologist and Wikipedia editor discusses the erasure of women scientists.
The Hum Podcast May 26
Activist Cleo Kambugu talks about love, stigma and being Uganda's first out transgender woman.
Talking Radical Radio May 25
Su Deranger and Robyn Pitawanakwat talk about Colonialism No More, an action in solidarity with Attawapiskat First Nation and #OccupyINAC that is ongoing in Regina, Saskatchewan.
gooderGoods May 24
Textile waste expert Sabine Weber says your one sided sock and holey towel need a better place to end their life cycles than the landfill.
Asia Pacific Currents May 23
Labour updates of workers' struggles in the Asia-Pacific region and report-back on the Global Picketline concept and the LabourStart Conference.
face2face May 23
Christal Earle on Bravery, Asking Better Questions and The Inquisitive Mind
Christal talks about finding bravery when you need it most, looking for new stories, how we need to change the questions we often ask and why there is something beautiful about the inquisitive mind.
WINGS May 22
Cover of The language of MA the primal mother: The evolution of the female image
Was the Willendorf Venus pornography, portrait, or something else?
The Hum Podcast May 19
Journalist Zahra Haider talks about her VICE article on having premarital sex in Pakistan.
Feminist Current May 19
In this episode, Meghan Murphy speaks with Sarai Walker, author of a new feminist novel called "Dietland."
Talking Radical Radio May 18
Former MP Andrew Cash talks about a new organization for contract, freelance and micro-self-employed workers.
face2face May 18
Anjali Nayar on Gun Runners, Storytelling and the Global South
Anjali talks about the power of storytelling, her new film Gun Runners, friendship, the meditations of the marathon runner, the Global South and why we need to spend more time listening to others.
MsRepresent May 17
Photo by Lenee Son.
Cicely-Belle Blain shares Black Lives Matter-Vancouver's goals and visions, the history of slavery, and why women are at the forefront of social movements.
WINGS May 17
Mary Beth Rogers signs book for Linda Jann Lewis at Texas Democratic Women's Con
Women Democrats are strategizing against a Republican stranglehold on Texas. Producer Frieda Werden hears from women in multiple spheres of action.
face2face May 17
Viveka Melki on her new film After Circus, memory and recollection.
Viveka and I talked about her new film After Circus and about memory and recollection, about what defines us as we approach retirement and why she loves performing and the circus.
Asia Pacific Currents May 17
Labour updates on workers' struggles in the Asia-Pacific region and the strike by Filipino electronics workers.
Green Majority Radio May 17
On this show: Christy Clark's comments, 350.org's "Break Free From Fossil Fuels," and we ask if the environmental movement is learning from its past failures.
Redeye May 16
All Bodies Dance Project brings together people with and without disabilities to explore movement as a means of creative expression. Naomi Brand explains the challenges and joys of inclusive dance.
face2face May 16
Alethea on her new film Angry Inuk and the “People of the Seal”.
Alethea Arnaquq-Baril talks about her new film Angry Inuk, the "People of the Seal" and a new model for animal activism.
face2face May 15
Todd and Jedd Wider on their new film God Knows Where I Am and Mental Health
Todd, Jedd and Lori I talk about their new film God Knows Where I Am, mental health issues, the "other," the poetic edge to filmmaking and the "ever porous cracks" in our social safety nets.
face2face May 14
Michelle Smith and I talk about authenticity, truth and transparency and the new film she stars in called Best and Most Beautiful Things.
Aw@l May 14
Berta Cáceres, ¡Presente! - Artwork courtesy of Design Action Collective
Raul Burbano of Common Frontiers on Canada's support of the post-coup government in Honduras, including the horrific situation faced by Indigenous people and others who opposed the government.
face2face May 13
Alon Kol on Transfixed, Activism and Action
Alon talks about his new film Transfixed, activism and action, walking in the shoes of others and how it can help us to understand the world in a new and more inclusive way.
Asia Pacific Currents May 11
Updates on workers' struggles in Asia and interview with Sineat Yon, labour activist, on the new labour law in Cambodia.
Redeye May 11
The Leap Manifesto has been called divisive, naïve and economically unsustainable. Christopher Majka says these critiques are rooted in a misunderstanding of what the Manifesto aims to do.
Talking Radical Radio May 11
Jackie McVicar talks about the work of the Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network.
Redeye May 9
The Purple Thistle operated for years as a youth-run space for arts and activism in Vancouver's East Side. The film, Common Notions, explores what made the Purple Thistle work for young people.