Archived December 19
Could fun online photos attract cyber predators? Nora wonders who's looking, and what do they want? Plus, Cathi falls hard for a robot. Why?
Redeye December 18
Sam Sullivan's first initiative as mayor was voted down by all but one of Vancouver's council members in a marathon 16-hour meeting on Thursday. The opposing votes included 4 from Sullivan's own NPA p
Archived December 18
Today is the last of four Advent Sundays leading up to Christmas! Charles Dickens wrote a condensed version of his famous book, "A Christmas Carol" so that he could read it to people in fou
Sizzle December 15
In this inaugural episode we get ambitious: a three course Japanese meal of Miso Soup, Deep-fried Prawn balls and Spinach with Sesame sauce.
Redeye December 15
James Graff died on October 23. He was a tireless worker for human rights, especially those of the Palestinian people. His friend and co-worker Mordecai Briemberg remembers him.
FierceLight December 14
Today's episode is podcast semi-live from Puerto Rico, at the Human Forum of The Alliance for the New Humanity. Featuring the opening adress of Alliance president Deepak Chopra, and Jeremy Rifkin.
Archived December 13
Come and listen to a story by Hans Christian Anderson, a storyteller who lived over a century ago in Denmark. Hear about the Professor and the Flea's travelling adventures, and how they managed to ge
Redeye December 13
Canada needs to move towards a more representative voting system - the only way to get there is by electing another minority government, according to Dennis Pilon; the Great Bear Rainforest covers 21
The Green Planet Monitor December 12
Tourism is big business. For those with big bucks to burn, there’s hardly a place that can’t be explored. High-end tourists in Africa trek by day in game parks, eat well at night and sleep in the mos
Podcast DIY December 12
Wayne explains how to make a musical signature for your podcast, and why he hasn't had one so far.
rabble radio December 12
This week on rabble radio, Keith looks at how simple it was make the Canadian government collapse. Cathi checks out the way we love to watch the stars take each other out with their fists in the movie
Archived December 12
Cathi mulls over ways to cash in on thesniffer. Are we sell outs, or just hard up?<br /> Nora's found some bright ideas for customizing your podcasts
Archived December 11
Today is the third of four Advent Sundays leading up to Christmas! Charles Dickens wrote a condensed version of his famous book, &quot;A Christmas Carol&quot; so that he could read it to people in fo
Redeye December 11
On December 2, the state of North Carolina killed Kenneth Boyd by lethal injection, making him the 1000th person to be executed since the U.S. brought back the death penalty in 1976. In that time, 100
Archived December 9
Talking 'bout computer gaming.
Archived December 9
Cathi dreams about next generation video games and the power of virtual life to teach us about life, love and karma. Nora's just got the willies. But...she does have a robot maid! Move over Jetsons!
Redeye December 8
An in-depth interview with David Zieger, director of &quot;Sir, No Sir&quot;, a remarkable new documentary about the GI movement - the anti-war movement of active-duty soldiers and veterans that helpe
Archived December 7
Cathi and Nora tussle over this week's Wikipedia brouhaha: all fair in the rough &amp; tumble world of online open source?<br /> Cathi's got an exciting cheap, new tool for safer drinking water: could
Archived December 6
I have awesome nieces. One of them wrote a neat story that I’ll share with you today, about a dragon that breathes whipped cream instead of fire!
Redeye December 6
Douglas Victor Janoff's book &quot;Pink Blood&quot; is the first comprehensive study of homophobic violence in Canada - he researched police records, court judgments and media reports to get a picture
The Green Planet Monitor December 5
All around the world, in increasing numbers, farmers are adopting organic and sustainable agriculture, and permaculture -- where you try to mimic patterns and relationships found in nature. One of the
Redeye December 4
Sam Gindin worked for the Canadian Autoworkers Union for decades. He talks about the concessionary demands being made by corporations in the auto industry and how workers can respond.
Archived December 4
Today is the second of four Advent Sundays leading up to Christmas! Charles Dickens wrote a condensed version of his famous book, &quot;A Christmas Carol&quot; so that he could read it to people in f
House of Sound and Story December 2
In 2002, Victoria Fenner went to Cambridge Bay, a hamlet in Nunavut on the edge of the tundra. This program explores the minimal, yet varied soundscape of life in the far north.
boilingfrog's Green Town Times December 2
note: This is the final chapter for 'Reclaiming Independence'. If you haven't already, please listen to the first two episodes before this one.<br /> <br /> Caught in a society we’re morally conflicte
Redeye December 2
SFU Communications prof Pat Howard surverys the current scientific research into the health risks posed by eating GM foods; Liza Featherstone is a New York-based journalist who has written extensively
radio book lounge December 1
Billed as &#0147;part atheist-anarchist manifesto, part masterful survey of opposed philosophical and economic schools,&#0148; David Noble's &lt;I&gt;Beyond the Promised Land&lt;/I&gt; traces the conn
Redeye November 30
Dale Marshall of the David Suzuki Foudation says that provincial and territorial governments have dropped the ball on climate change. He's the author of a recent report comparing provincial performanc
Needs No Introduction November 29
Robert Fisk speaks about his experiences as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East. Presented November 23, 2005 at the McMillan Theatre, University of Toronto.
Archived November 29
Today is going to be a special non-fiction episode of Nodcast. My son asked me how snails make their shells and I had no idea! So, with the help of a nice librarian and a neat book, I found out how