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Redeye March 10
Mordecai Briemberg went to see the film and share his thoughts. Also in this show, a conversation with artist Claudia Bernal about her show "Monument to Ciudad Juarez"
Archived March 9
Join me to hear the story of how a "lowly" tailor became a clever king!
Archived March 8
Has The Green Revolution replaced the food crisis with a water crisis? New scientific info suggests we may be in deep! Plus, when is a combine more like a jet airplane? When it's equiped with the l
Redeye March 8
This was the headline of an editorial published by the Globe and Mail on February 15. Samah Sabawi challenged the writer, Marcus Gee, on his sources for the article.
The Simple Journalists March 6
A dash of spice, a pinch of sass and a teaspoon of attitude is what we bring you in episode 6. This week's show focuses on the sticky situations that the SJs got themselves into. Along with some Oscar
House of Sound and Story March 6
A conversation with Dr. Sandi Curtis, Music Therapist and Head of the School of Music at the University of Windsor, about the work she does with music and domestic abuse survivors.
Archived March 6
No muss, no fuss! Why worry about popping pills at the right time when you can moderate your body's chemicals enzyme computer! Plus, why the recording industry association in the States wa
Archived, Rabble Rumble March 6
Cathi Bond sounds off about 'masculine' and 'feminine' types of violence and power in her latest rebuttal.
Redeye March 6
Whistler council just voted to allow operation of their wastewater system to go to a private company. One of the bidders is Vivendi. The Council of Canadians see this as the thin edge of the wedge.
Healing the Earth March 5
Environmentalist, prolific activist, and refugee hopeful, Tre Arrow has been incarcerated in Canada for over two years. He is being imprisoned while awaiting a possible extradition to the United State
rabble radio March 5
This week, a feature interview with documentarian Alfred Neremberg, best known for his feature documentary "Stupidity." rabble radio's U.S. columnist calls up Neremberg in his Toronto home t
Redeye March 5
Immigration lawyer and activist Zool Suleman comments on Day's plans to bring in a national ID card for Canadians, as well as armed border guards and an American-style border patrol.
Archived March 3
Can a 14 year old, her robot, and gang of friends on another planet be the answer to massive media corporations' 21st century blues? Nora thinks so; Cath's not so sure. Meanwhile, Cathi's jonesing fo
Redeye March 3
A massive port expansion planned for Delta in the Lower Mainland will bring three times as many container vessels to the region. Ned Jacobs says Vancouver can ill afford the pollution that will follow
Archived March 1
Full on, urban wi-fi access may be just around the corner for forward thinking big cities. Cathi asks the pointed question: who's making money off this? Meanwhile, Nora's got a great new source for
Sizzle March 1
Chinese Chicken Curry with a side of Burmese Pea Fritters and Thai Jasmine Rice. Yes, you read that right.
The Simple Journalists February 28
In our latest Episode your Simple Journalist Joey Close covers some of the latest news storries, Andrea recaps Olympic highlights and Ashley who returns again as host this week gives you your weekly d
Archived February 28
In our inaugural episode we chat with Lisa Anderson, coordinator of Women in Engineering at Ryerson University. Why does society make it hard for women to get excited about careers in science? What ca
Redeye February 28
Four years ago this week, the state of Gujarat was engulfed in an organized, state-backed massacre of Muslims in which three thousand people died. Dr. Angana Chatterji has visited India many times sin
Coolwater4animals February 28
Archived February 27
Looking for a gift for the kids? Retro toys make a comeback, while Robbie the Robot comes on strong<br /> Plus: why is science jonesing for Buddhism?
Archived, Rabble Rumble February 27
This time, Judy returns with her latest statement about how killer heroines merely imitate male action heroes.
Redeye February 26
In December, a New York Times report identified the existence of a secret domestic surveillance program. Attorneys at the Centre for Constitutional Rights suspect that they are one of the targets of t
Archived February 24
Prepare to go all Robo-Cop as Cathi tips us off to a new miracle fabric that turns into armour. Never fear inline skating again!<br /> Plus, do you trust Google to hold your private files?
Rabbledocs February 23
A documentary about land and people by Sean Kelly. Join Sean as he travels to Vanuatu in the South Pacific, and explores the meaning of land ownership in a communal society. Produced in partnership wi
FierceLight February 23
Join host Velcrow Ripper in Australia, as he meets the co-founder of permaculture, 'David Holmgren', discussing the path to sustainability and beyond.
Redeye February 23
Heather Northrup has sat on an advisory group to the provinical government for the past seven years. When she found out Gordon Campbell's response to Stephen Harper's plans for child care, she resigne
Archived February 22
The creepy return of the cyber-stalker...more in our online future? Plus, tracking the source of your food: quality control or budding neurosis?
Redeye February 21
It's been hailed as a landmark achievement by government, First Nations and environmental groups, but Chris Genovali of the Raincoast Conservation Society says it will do little to protect large mamma
Archived February 20
Nora builds herself a fabulous avatar...and doesn't know what to do with it!<br /> Cathi offers to swap the avatar...for Butterscotch?