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Archived July 11
Welcome to the Pak|Cast! In this episode Ethan and Nasir introduce themselves and the show.
Redeye July 11
Teachers are in the forefront of union activism in Mexico, especially in the southern state of Oaxaca. Larry Kuehn of the BCTF talks about what happened when police attempted to crush a recent strike
CitizenShift July 10
Listen to a presentation given by Sonali Kolhatkar of the Afghan Women's Mission & radio host of Uprising Radio at KPFK Pacific Radio in LA. This presentation was given in Montreal in April 2006,
House of Sound and Story July 10
An advance listen of a brand new CD by the excellent musical duo <strong>Teach Yourself Piano</strong>. &nbsp; An evocative, exquisite blend of piano, strings, sometimes trumpet and a whole lot more,
rabble radio July 9
In this episode, Keith wonders why &quot;they&quot; need to know all that stuff about us, Wayne speaks to the masterminds of a citizen news website called ibrattleboro, and we hear a tribute to Paul R
Redeye July 7
Prostitution is illegal but Revenue Canada says sex workers still need to declare their income. When they do, they're told that condoms are not a tax-deductible expense. A new report looks at how Cana
The Green Planet Monitor July 6
Human beings can't decide whether to cherish trees or chop them down.
Rabbledocs July 5
Stuart Neatby of CKDU Halifax asks if the proposed "Atlantica" free-trade corridor between Canada and the US is an opportunity for economic revitaliztion, or an attempt at deep economic and cultural i
Radio Tadamon! July 5
A 30 minute radio documentary produced by Tadamon! a collective of activists in Montreal working to build solidarity with movements for social &amp; economic justice in Lebanon. This documentary is th
Redeye July 4
Raven Travelling opened in June at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The show presents nearly 300 of the finest artworks from the past two centuries. Vince Collison, curatorial intern and member of the Haid
Healing the Earth June 30
In our interview, Steven talks about different aspects of revolutionary environmentalism, which he sees as the bridging of environmental issues with analyses of race, class, gender, and other oppressi
The Green Planet Monitor June 29
Judging from this latest voice transmission, human beings are poisoning their planet.
Redeye June 29
Soup kitchens and food banks are expected to pick up the slack when government policies don't meet the needs of poor people. Charities in Victoria, B.C. are questioning their role.
Needs No Introduction June 28
Veteran White House bureau chief, Helen Thomas, speaks out against the Bush government and the press at the Media Giraffe Conference in Amherst, Mass.
Reel Women June 28
Still humming on a buzz from Serenity, Judy decided to screen Underworld. Meanwhile in a darker part of town, Cathi found Night Watch hiding in her mailbox and she's been screaming about it ever since
The Shades Within June 28
In this episode, Anna gets to see some of Jo’burg. Then she sees it through someone else's eyes.&lt;p&gt;
rabble radio June 26
Keith worries about war and peace, Our DVDiva is all over horror, Jen Moore casts a gendered eye on the digital divide. Plus, a soundseeing tour of an Algonquin Park trail. And, the music of Harris Ne
Archived June 26
Our host, Paul Okrutny, gets invited to a rooftop concert by a Calcutta musician and his family.
Redeye June 26
A look behind the media reports of growing waitlists and short-staffed emergency rooms to the real differences between healthcare north and south of the border.
Tim Postgate’s Canadian Jazz Life June 23
In this episode I pick some of my fave show's coming up in this year's Jazz Festival. Also, an interview with vocalist, owner and manager of Toronto jazz venue; The Red Guitar.
Archived, Homebrew June 23
Kathy Marshall, Executive Director of Womenspace, says the world of Information Communication Technologies, or ICTs, is male-dominated territory. She and other cyberfeminists are taking up the challen
Redeye June 22
Sedef Arat-Koc is one of a group of people alarmed both by the media coverage and by the statements of politicians and pundits following the arrests of alleged terrorists earlier this month.
CitizenShift June 20
Another special presentation of the Homeless Nation podcast. This episode features poet, Bud Osbourn, who waxes philosophical about the values he's nurtured in his life. To learn more, visit: homeless
Redeye June 20
Clean Air Radio sent out its first broadcast last week from an on-ramp near the Port Mann bridge in the Lower Mainland.
Tim Postgate’s Canadian Jazz Life June 18
This is the debut, the big moment, the test, the pioneer jazz podcast...I chose to play some of my own music from my recent Cd; the Tim Posgate Hornband featuring Howard Johnson. Also there is a coupl
Archived June 18
Engineers Without Borders member, Paul Okrutny sends his first dispatch from India, an interview with a worker with the Institute for Indian Mother and Child.
Archived June 18
Enron convictions and a new documentary inspire Matt &amp; chris to rant.
Radio Tadamon! June 16
Listen to a radio documentary produced by Radio TADAMON! on Burj el-Shemali refugee camp, located on the outskirts of the southern Lebanese city of Tyre and home to upwards of 20 000 Palestinian refug
The Green Planet Monitor June 16
Human beings reflect on the impact they've had on their planet, and the major changes they'll have to go through in order to survive.
Redeye June 15
900 delegates at the CUPE Ontario convention passed a resolution supporting an international boycott against Israel for its policies towards Palestinians.