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The Green Planet Monitor July 27
If there's any hope for the future of the human species, it lies in the collective wisdom of Earth's indigenous people. Here are the voices of aboriginal men and women, sharing their ethics and vision
The Shades Within July 27
In this episode, Anna wrestles with the Xhosa language and learns how a language law ignited one woman’s struggle against apartheid.<br /> <br />
Rabbledocs July 27
<p>Present Defence: current struggles</p> <p> From February to May 2006, students at Ohahase Education Centre on the <a href= "">Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory</a> west of Kingst
Reel Women July 27
Who's sexier? Marlene Dietrich or Carole Lombard? Listen to Judy and Cathi chat about two of the silver screens most legendary sex bombs.
Archived July 26
Introduction to Whalesong, a podcast dedicated to discussion of topics that matter in small isolated communities.
Redeye July 25
This docu-drama tells the story of 3 British Muslims captured in Afghanistan and held without charge for 2 years in Guatanamo.
rabble radio July 24
In this episode, Keith Gottschalk is one part journalist, one part Canada groupie, as he sets out across the country. Wayne interviews the investigative citizen journalists from, and
Archived July 22
In this episode Nasir Aziz engages in dialogue with a local ex pat Pakistani living in Seattle, USA. One of the purposes of PAK|CAST is to project Pakistani views living outside of Pakistan. This conv
The Green Planet Monitor July 20
Earth's land surfaces are crisscrossed by mountains of great beauty -- an eternal source of veneration for many human beings, objects to be transformed by others in search of money.
Rabbledocs July 20
<p>Past Tense: the burdens of history</p> <p> From February to May 2006, students at Ohahase Education Centre on the <a href= "">Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory</a> west of Kingst
Archived July 19
Dr. Wayne Roberts, Program Coordinator with the Toronto Food Policy Council, will bring his extensive experience in food security to explore the following questions. How can the world's population be
Redeye July 17
The Board of Variance hears permit appeals from homeowners and against local developers. On June 29, city council fired the entire board.
Radio Tadamon! July 15
As the Israeli military launched a major military assault on Lebanon and the ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip Radio Tadamon! visited the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut. Voices featured in this epi
Archived July 15
Discussions about Mumbai, India train bombings and Mid-East Crisis.
Redeye July 14
The Prometheus Radio Project works with community groups in small towns across the United States to construct low power FM stations - and it all happens in 3 days.
The Shades Within July 13
This episode follows Angela, a woman from the township near Fort Francis, on a normal working day.
The Green Planet Monitor July 13
Human beings are deeply dependent on motorized machines called cars. Billions of these things now roam Earth's surface, killing humans and other creatures in a variety of ways.
Rabbledocs July 13
<p>First Words: the meaning of the land</p> <p> From February to May 2006, students at Ohahase Education Centre on the <a href= "">Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory</a> west of King
Reel Women July 13
Cathi and Judy take a rock and roll detour on the Festival Express and then drop in to screen Gus Van Sant's Last Days.
Africafiles: The Pulse July 11
Afrofest is an African music festival held annually in Toronto. With an exciting calabash of music and craft, the festival provides a vital connection to the continent for Africans living in Canada. P
Archived July 11
Welcome to the Pak|Cast! In this episode Ethan and Nasir introduce themselves and the show.
Redeye July 11
Teachers are in the forefront of union activism in Mexico, especially in the southern state of Oaxaca. Larry Kuehn of the BCTF talks about what happened when police attempted to crush a recent strike
House of Sound and Story July 10
An advance listen of a brand new CD by the excellent musical duo <strong>Teach Yourself Piano</strong>. &nbsp; An evocative, exquisite blend of piano, strings, sometimes trumpet and a whole lot more,
CitizenShift July 10
Listen to a presentation given by Sonali Kolhatkar of the Afghan Women's Mission &amp; radio host of Uprising Radio at KPFK Pacific Radio in LA. This presentation was given in Montreal in April 2006,
rabble radio July 9
In this episode, Keith wonders why &quot;they&quot; need to know all that stuff about us, Wayne speaks to the masterminds of a citizen news website called ibrattleboro, and we hear a tribute to Paul R
Redeye July 7
Prostitution is illegal but Revenue Canada says sex workers still need to declare their income. When they do, they're told that condoms are not a tax-deductible expense. A new report looks at how Cana
The Green Planet Monitor July 6
Human beings can't decide whether to cherish trees or chop them down.
Radio Tadamon! July 5
A 30 minute radio documentary produced by Tadamon! a collective of activists in Montreal working to build solidarity with movements for social &amp; economic justice in Lebanon. This documentary is th
Rabbledocs July 5
Stuart Neatby of CKDU Halifax asks if the proposed "Atlantica" free-trade corridor between Canada and the US is an opportunity for economic revitaliztion, or an attempt at deep economic and cultural i
Redeye July 4
Raven Travelling opened in June at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The show presents nearly 300 of the finest artworks from the past two centuries. Vince Collison, curatorial intern and member of the Haid