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The Simple Journalists May 17
This episode is a special good-bye to our beloved SJ Joey Close! It's sad but true, she's really leaving us! In her very last episode of The Simple Journalists Joey gives you her best peeves yet. As
Redeye May 17
Laura Lamb reviews a forum theatre production that grapples with the political fallout in Canada of events in the Middle East.
Rabbledocs May 16
A documentary on the human rights & environmental impacts of a titanium mine to be constructed in Kwale, a coastal region located in the south-east of Kenya. Produced by Zahra Moloo of CKUT Radio'
Archived May 16
Matt & chris talk about the importance of resting.
Redeye May 15
Bruce Davis is a Toronto District School Board trustee. He is very concerned about the recent actions of immigration authorities in Toronto schools.
rabble radio May 14
In this episode, Keith Gottschalk wonders why only a comedian can openly dress down the president of the United States, Intermedia artist Clive Holden tells us about his latest multi-year project, and
Redeye May 14
The Count Me Out Project is calling for minimum cooperation with the census; Murray Dobbin disagrees. We talk to both sides in this debate.
Redeye May 12
Jesus Abad Colorado is a photojournalist from Colombia. An exhibition of his recent photos in on display in Vancouver. Laura Lamb went to see it.
Archived May 11
Matt & Chris talk about Michael Lerner's April talk in Toronto.
The Green Planet Monitor May 11
Human beings refer to themselves as "consumers." Their insatiable thirst for material consumption appears to be damaging Earth's biosphere, compromising life on the planet, as these recorded
Reel Women May 11
In this episode of Reel Women, Judy and Cathi are shocked by how much they liked the Aristocrats. Plus an unexpected stinkeroo from Sam Mendes.
Redeye May 10
This Mayday, immigrants in the United States staged a nationwide boycott that shut down stores, transportation and schools. We speak with Javier Rodriguez, spokesperson for the March 25 coalition in L
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension May 9
Kim Pate in Ottawa, with the Association of Elizabeth Frye Societies joins us to comment of Stephen Harper's "Law and Order" Budget. Well-known Canadian Economist Jim Stanford also discusse
The Shades Within May 9
While Anna finds a way to make her dream of escape come true, well-meaning people begin to take the sheen off her bright and shiny vision of the Rainbow Nation.
Redeye May 9
Last week, police attacked people in Texcoco and San Salvator Atenco, two towns just outside Mexico City. The violence is related to plans to build a Walmart in one of the towns.
Healing the Earth May 8
Eric Squire and Red Dawn, two members of the Six Nations community near Caledonia, Ontario, speak of the situation that has seen upwards of thousands of people gather to reclaim their land from the fu
Rabblevision May 8
<p class="MsoNormal">HMBP Series / Episode 2: On April 1, 2006 the <a href="" target="_blank" title="tour homepage">Healthy Mind Body Planet Tour</a> begins at Unio
Needs No Introduction May 8
Dr. Michael Geist presents Our Own Creative Land: Cultural Monopoly and the Trouble with Copyright, at Hart House, University of Toronto, March 30, 2006.
Redeye May 8
Cindy Sheehan's son Casey was killed in Iraq, five days after he got there. Last year, she set up camp outside George Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas in an attempt to get the President to tell her why
Africafiles: The Pulse May 7
South African-born author Kagiso Molope remembers the apartheid years and relates how these experiences remain central to her writing.
Redeye May 7
A conversation with renowned author Scott Weidensaul about how human impact on the environment is threatening migrations that have existed for thousands of years.
boilingfrog's Green Town Times May 7
Following an amazing discussion at the Underground Cafe in Fredericton, NB., we sat down with two of it's volunteer/owner/operators to listen to their personal struggles with depression, and anti-depr
Archived May 5
Nora's got a new job for her online avatar....making her some money!<br /> Cathi looks at the big environmental battle heating up in California....over the state of the lawn??
boilingfrog's Green Town Times May 5
Listen in on a rivetting discussion from the Underground Cafe in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Young and old alike share their personal experiences with depression, anti-depressant pharmacueticals, and
The Simple Journalists May 5
In this episode Andrea talks podcasting with rabble's very own Wayne MacPhail!! Joey gets a few more peeves off her chest and Ashley reports on the sizeable debate over the significance of brain mass
The Green Planet Monitor May 4
Human economics values money above all else, while squandering finite resources and poisoning planet Earth. These captured recordings suggest Earthlings may be reconsidering their situation.
Redeye May 4
A review of the recently released dystopian sci fi film from Britain.
Archived May 3
The hottest new trend in nightclubbing!<br /> Why Japanese pop culture's got a case of the blues, and what makes Cathi and Nora cry
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension May 2
In this May Day edition of Alert! Host Andre Clement hosts a panel discussion on the relevance of youth in unions. Winnipeg Producer and Playwrite Danny Schur talks about his theatrical production o
boilingfrog's Green Town Times May 2
In his office at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Dr. David Zitner sits down with Angela Bischoff to discuss the lack of efficacy concerning anti-depressant pharmacueticals and a Dr.'s re