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Needs No Introduction March 24
In this two-part series, Dr. Richard Burton and Dr. Arne Kislenko discuss the socio-economic history of China and China's role in current international affairs. Presented March 22, 2006 at Ryerson Uni
Archived March 24
Cathi unveils a remarkable new model of the future, where visualization can make things happen in the real world; plus, attack of the uncanny robots! Would you let a 5' tall, 220 lb robot look after
boilingfrog's Green Town Times March 24
With two weeks of preparations before boarding the train, Kelly and Bridget and Angela sit down to discuss why they're doing the tour, what it's about and some of the things they're working to accompl
Rabblevision March 24
Michelle from Nodcast and her son take a ride from Toronto to Whitby on the GO Train, riding on the top of the double-decker train.
Redeye March 24
Gordon Campbell promised the most sustainable Olympic games ever. For people fighting to save Eagle Ridge Bluffs in West Vancouver, that promise rings hollow.
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension March 23
In this episode, Alert! speaks with Colleen Ross on the issue of suicide seeds; Frank Mentis from CUPE joins us from Mexico to discuss the World Water Forum; Professor Paul Phillips from the Universit
The Green Planet Monitor March 23
Recorded accounts of Earth's twistings and turnings
Archived March 23
To see this week's Nodcast video, you will need to go here:
Rabblevision March 22
Archived March 22
So, it looks as though RFID tags can transmit computer viruses. So, what happens when we all get chips planted under our skin? Cathi considers the upside! Plus, French smackdown on iPod, and a hila
Redeye March 22
The global energy crisis has been good for Alberta's economy. But extraction of oil from the tar sands brings huge social and environmental costs.
The Simple Journalists March 20
A side of sex, a glass of Guiness, all served up in the SJ kitchen. Your waitstaff for this evening will be Joey, Ash and Andrea. So come on and join us for a flavourful dish that will delight your se
Archived March 20
Revenge of the record labels....they want to make sure you keep ponying up for full cds. Plus, more people than ever are flocking to podcasts...that means new ways to attract ad dollars. How much wo
Archived, Rabble Rumble March 20
Here’s the complete showdown between Cathi and Judy on the topic of violent chick flicks, from their opening statements to their closing remarks.
Rabbledocs March 20
Where does our water come from? Where does it go? Tara Narwani and Paul Steenhuisen trace the path of their drinking water from it's source in the Columbia Icefields, through farmlands, to their sink
rabble radio March 20
A welcome double dose of Charlotte Scott in Cabbagetown and in conversation with Chris Eaton, Jennifer Moore returns to Haiti, Wayne fills us in on RSS feeds, Keith Gottschalk on dissidents and deatht
Redeye March 20
Patrick Elie was a minister in the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide from 1990-1995. He speaks about the election and what lies ahead for Haiti.
Rabblevision March 20 recently went asking for solutions to the food security problems we face in the 21st Century.
Redeye March 19
Blood pressure medications, birth control pills, antibiotics - residues of all these substances are now being detected in our ground water and municipal water systems.
Archived March 17
The Simple Journalists March 17
Episode Seven is a special edition on the Ontario college strike. Joey and Andrea walk up and down the picket line at Mohawk College to get some answers from our fellow teachers. A few calls are made
Archived March 17
Is Google the Incredible Expanding Monster that ate my data? Cathi and Nora swap theories. Plus, want a luxury vacation? Try whacking your knee with a hammer!
Redeye March 17
The village of Bil'in has become the focus of protests against the wall that is separating Palestinian villagers from their fields. Jon Elmer is a Canadian photographer and journalist who has just ret
Archived March 16
In this episode we chat with Sally Kotsopoulos and other employees at Ryerson's Early Childhood Centre about creating safe, happy and engaging learning environments for children.
Rabblevision March 16
A short video of interviews with a few guys living on the street in Toronto.
Alert! Radio from Canadian Dimension March 16
In this episode, Alert speaks with Manitoban journalist Colleen Simard about past, present and potential Chiefs of Norway House, Manitoba. Mordecai Briemberg of CanPal Vancouver and the Redeye radio
Archived March 16
Today I'm reading the beginning of one of my all-time favorite books, Black Beauty. Come and listen to the first couple of chapters of the book that changed the way many people around the world thoug
Africafiles: The Pulse March 15
Canada is home to scores of black communities from Africa and the diaspora. Whose history should be reflected in the month-long Black History Month? Are changes to how we celebrate BHM necessary?....f
Archived March 15
What is going on with the guys? A new, much hyped web site makes young men look stupid. Plus, a plan for virtual girlfriends on your cell phone has Cathi and Nora wondering....are young men stupid?
Sizzle March 15
We take advantage of some brief unseasonably warm weather to light the coals and grill up some chicken satays and a side of asparagus.