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Archived November 16
Cathi finds: her Virtual Reality ideal...if you don't mind that 'habitrail' feeling<br /> Nora finds: it's the true, ironic spirit of Xmas, Charlie Brown!
Archived November 15
Join me again this week, for three old, short stories told by Native people of the Okanagan and Thompson River. These are wonderful legends which explain some things that happen in nature.
Rabblevision November 15
Filmmaker Judy Jackson talks about her upcoming documentary Ungrateful Dead: In Search of International Justice, airing Sunday, November 20th at 7pm EST on History Television.
The Green Planet Monitor November 14
Most of the world’s population lives in cities and towns. As urban centres grow, so do the challenges of sustaining health, livelihoods and the natural environment. In recent years, communities in Can
Archived November 14
Those busy little bees at the Rabble Podcast Network have been adding so many new voices to the once barren mediascape -- where does one begin? Let podcast enthusiast Lori Cooke help you weed through
Archived November 14
Cathi tunes in to hot TV...on her radio.<br /> Nora hops on her Vespa to catch up with the latest trend.
rabble radio November 13
A special interview with Stephen Lewis, avoiding communications evil, why Bush isn't Jean, Charlotte at the Podcast Expo and trips to Haiti and Dufferin Grove Park.
FierceLight November 13
The third and final installment of the powerful speech by the Reverend Van Jones, from the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. Recorded at the founding conference of the Network of Spiritual Progress
Rabblevision November 12
The coming election will be, well, a different sort of leadership battle. Watch this exclusive hidden camera footage to see how different.
rabble radio November 12
rpn producer Charlotte Scott sends a special message of love from the first ever Portable Media and Podcasting Expo in Ontario, California.
boilingfrog's Green Town Times November 11
A William Burroughs style cut-up giving a frightening overview* of the whole mess.
Archived November 11
Why, Miss Jones, without your're beautiful! Nora wonders why the big players in tech are so hot and bothered over....books?<br /> Plus, Cathi has the latest beauty tips...from Japan
House of Sound and Story November 9
London, Ontario poet Penn Kemp's &quot;Poem for Peace in Two Voices&quot; has  been translated into over 100 languages and read aloud by 3,000 people around the world.
Rabblevision November 9
This is a 10-minute video version of a four-minute audio documentary featured on rabble radio and produced by Wayne MacPhail. It's about his parents coping with his mother's Alzheimer's Disease. This
Rabblevision November 8
On November 3, members of Greenpeace set up toilets with conifers in them, and handed out leaflets on Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. As part of International Boreal Day of Action, they were pr
Archived November 8
Cathi tries to take Nora away on a virtual vacation.<br /> Nora freaks over 'the young blog poisoner's handbook'<br />
Archived November 7
Hi everyone! Travel with me, back in time to Avonlea. This story isn't about Anne of Green Gables, but it is set in the same fictional village where Anne grew up. Come and hear what Pa Sloane bough
The Green Planet Monitor November 7
Cooperation makes the world go round. When people cooperate, everything runs more smoothly. When cooperative associations work together, the potential for development is enormous. That’s exactly what
Podcast DIY November 6
In this short video, Podcast DIY host Wayne MacPhail serves up a quick visual rundown of podcast microphones.
Archived November 4
In this first part of a four-part series, students at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, explain what peak oil is, why you should care and what the future might hold. This episode produced by Commun
Archived November 4
Cathi debuts her 'mad scientist report' with a fab flying machine.<br /> Nora burns the house down with some fuzzy logic.
Needs No Introduction November 3
Peace activist and Israeli scholar Jeff Halper presents his talk &quot;A Call for Morally Responsible Investment: A Non-Violent Response to the Israeli Occupation&quot; at the Toronto conference on mo
Needs No Introduction November 2
Crisis of the US Empire: Over-extension, Over-accumulation and De-legitimization. A lecture by Walden Bello.<br /> Oct 21, 2005, Moot Court, Osgoode Hall Law School<br /> York Annual Lecture in Politi
Archived November 2
Nora and Cathi debate 'uberpremium' marketing. Is 'snob appeal' the new black?<br /> The wireless music wars continue! Wanna buy an &quot;Ev-Do&quot;?
Archived November 1
This week, it's off to the Persia of long ago, with a story from The Arabian Nights. Listen and see if you can think of a story you've heard that is similar to The Anklet. I'm glad you could join me
Podcast DIY November 1
Host Wayne MacPhail explains all about the difference between analog and digital sound recording, sample size, sample rate and compression. See, told you he'd talk nerdy.
Archived October 31
Cathi goes all Martha Stewart on us with her fabulous new dream go!<br /> Nora tips us off to a bold new move in the U.K: moving in to abandoned buildings and setting up house. Who's d
The Green Planet Monitor October 31
Sometimes, personal relationships provide a catalyst for the development of communities-at-large. Asteria Wajima is Tanzanian. She lived for two years in Brandon, Manitoba, studying rural developmen
Archived October 31
As usual, we start with a story and end with a riddle and some words of wisdom. In between we talk about Rosa Parks and her often-neglected rootedness in the civil rights movement; we talk about comic
rabble radio October 31
M. Nourbese Philip discusses her new manuscript Zong, we run into The Joy and Hope of Haiti Race and offer travel tips for Americans. Plus, a nature walk, DVDiva, Cathi Bond gets noir on us, Homebrew