Redeye December 12
Image: Flickr/Kent Lins
Following Justin Trudeau's approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, thousands of people have pledged to do whatever it takes to stop the project.
gooderGoods December 11
Holiday tree
Shopping for Christmas presents -- showing your love for debt?
Asia Pacific Currents December 9
Image: Flickr/Takver
Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and the upcoming global street fiesta in Melbourne, Australia.
Needs No Introduction December 9
Courtesy: Media Democracy Days website
Indigenous comedian and storyteller Ryan McMahon delivered this year's Media Democracy Days 2016 keynote address.
Living On Purpose December 8
Photo: Lynn Thompson
Have you asked for something today? Readings from "The Aladdin Factor" with accompanying thoughts.
Talking Radical Radio December 7
Jade Nasogaluak Carpenter and Liam O'Neill Gordon talk about the Calgary School of Informal Education.
face2face December 7
Ilan Ziv on 'An Eye for an Eye,' forgiveness, hate, racism and why the future ma
Ilan and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his film "An Eye for An Eye," hate, racism, forgiveness, and why the future is not so bright.
Redeye December 6
Image: CBC
New zoning in Burnaby will result in the demolition of entire Housing activists says thousands of renters are facing displacement and homelessness.
Redeye December 5
Colonization Road
We spoke with Anishinaabe comedian and media-maker Ryan McMahon when he was in Vancouver for Media Democracy Days.
Redeye December 4
A new report by Amnesty International raises the alarm over increased risks to Indigenous women in the Peace River region. Craig Benjamin says violence is so pervasive it has become normalized.
Redeye December 3
Canadian mining companies in Africa
Yves Engler says the Canadian International Development Agency has been using public money to assist Canadian mining interests in Africa and Latin America. Yves Engler is author of Canada in Africa.
Redeye December 2
Image: 24 Hours/Carmine Marinelli
The Investigatory Power Bill in Britain legalizes a range of tools for hacking and snooping unmatched anywhere in Europe. Once the bill becomes law, the pressure will be on Canada to harmonize.
face2face December 2
Erin Heidenreich on 'Girl Unbound,' gender disparity, honesty, and inspiration
Erin and Face2Face host David Peck talk about gender disparity, her new film "Girl Unbound," honesty, inspiration and where our perspective comes from.
Living On Purpose December 1
KK Watson
Meeting new friends through the improv healing workshop on Kauai evolves into an improv conversation with Keoni Watson.
Redeye December 1
Image: CBC News/Michelle Bellefontaine
Calgary MLA Sandra Jansen crossed the floor to join the provincial NDP shortly after withdrawing from the Progressive Conservative leadership race. Duncan Kinney of Progress Alberta explains why.
rabble radio November 30
Tina House and Annita McPhee at rabble's panel "Decolonizing the Mind."
Excerpts from two presentations -- Ryan McMahon, Indigenous storyteller and podcast host; and Indigenous Anti-Oppression Activist Tami Starlight.
Talking Radical Radio November 30
Alexis Shotwell and Gary Kinsman talk about the AIDS Activist History Project.
Redeye November 30
Protesting white supremacy in Washington, DC
Lacy MacAuley is a member of the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. She was one of several hundred people who gathered outside a conference hosted by the National Policy Institute last week.
gooderGoods November 29
gooderGoods t-shirt
On this show: Black Friday in Canada, and shopping with students at a charity thrift store.
Redeye November 29
The Peace in Peril
In 2015, writer Christopher Pollon and photojournalist Ben Nelms paddled the 83-kilometre stretch of the Peace River that will be destroyed by the Site C dam reservoir. A new book documents that trip.
Asia Pacific Currents November 29
Interview on current labour struggles in India and labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region.
Redeye November 29
Image: Flickr/Break Free
Justin Trudeau will soon announce his decision on Kinder Morgan’s plans to expand its Trans Mountain pipeline, and ship almost 900,000 barrels of oil per day down to Burrard Inlet in Vancouver.
Redeye November 26
Image: Flickr/Province of British Columbia
Rory Brown is President of the Vancouver Secondary Teachers' Association, a local of the BCTF. He has taught in Vancouver since 1999 and witnessed firsthand the effects of years of cutbacks.
Redeye November 25
Image: Flickr/NARUMI
Since 2002, the Liberal government has been cutting education funding in B.C. resulting in program cutbacks, overcrowded classrooms and now, for many children, the loss of their neighbourhood school.
Needs No Introduction November 24
Two talks about Israel and Palestine: Dr. Philip Leech-Ngo of University of Ottawa; and Greg Albo of York University.
Talking Radical Radio November 23
Dwight Gordon talks about the work of Jane Finch Action Against Poverty.
Living On Purpose November 22
I have found a more relaxed way to approach my "get to do" list.
Asia Pacific Currents November 22
Image: AFP/Getty Images
Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and explosion at Gadani shipbreaking yards in Pakistan.
Redeye November 22
A panel of judges in the U.K. say Uber has to pay its drivers a national living wage and give them holiday pay, in their ruling on a case brought by two Uber drivers in London.
gooderGoods November 21
Laundromat Ai Wei Wei, Jeffrey Deitch Gallery, Soho
Kelly Okamura goes shopping in NYC after the 2016 U.S. election.