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Needs No Introduction August 16
U.S. Marines humping in Afghanistan
Professor Michel Chossudovsky links the 9/11 attacks to more recent wars, theorizing that it's all part of a larger plan. Recorded on June 8, 2018 by Global Research News Hour.
face2face August 16
Bob Joseph and David Peck talk about his new book 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act, identity, culture and potlatches, Canadian soul searching and why we’re not a melting pot.
Bob Joseph and David Peck talk about the Indian Act, identity, culture and potlatches, Canadian soul searching and why we’re not a melting pot.
rabble radio August 9
Stopping sexual abuse of young girls in schools in Ghana
Maxine Betteridge-Moes of Farm Radio International talks to Esther Armah about Coalition Against Sexual Abuse (CASA)’s campaign to end violence against young girls in Ghana’s schools.
The Hum Podcast August 8
Emmanuel Jal, musician and former child soldier
Hip-hop sensation and activist Emmanuel Jal talks about his childhood, how music provided an important platform for his cause, and Kanye West.
Asia Pacific Currents August 8
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Migrant workers make up to a third of the whole workforce in Malaysia. Their insecure visa status makes them very vulnerable to exploitation and government repression
Talking Radical Radio August 7
Solidarity in Canada with the people of Haiti
Ralph Jean-Paul and Travis Ross talk about the Canada-Haiti Information Project and about the past and present of solidarity in Canada with the people of Haiti.
rabble radio August 2
Photo: Sophia Reuss at Columbus Circle, New York City
To stay in Canada or go back home is a question that Americans living in Canada sometimes ask themselves these politically volatile days. Here are one woman's reasons why she went back home.
Talking Radical Radio July 31
Inspiring community action on climate change through film
Director Kai Reimer-Watts talks about 'Beyond Crisis', a documentary film that calls us to take action on climate change.
Asia Pacific Currents July 31
A Creek in Southern New-Caledonia. Red colours reveal the richness of the ground in iron oxides, and nickel.
The south west Pacific still has a number of islands that are colonies. On the 20th of November, Indigenous Kanak people hope that New Caledonia will become independent.
The Hum Podcast July 25
Gilad Cohen and Simona Ramkisson. Photo: Gilad Cohen
Hosts Gilad Cohen and Simona Ramkisson discuss their unique backgrounds and what shaped their interest in human rights on the latest episode of The Hum.
Asia Pacific Currents July 25
Australian Workers taking action
Close to 1,000 unionists came together in Brisbane to discuss the situation for workers in Australia and the "Change the Rules" campaign.
Talking Radical Radio July 24
Working to reinvigorate Canada's peace movement
Longtime peace activists Dave Gehl and Ed Lehman talk about the work of the Regina Peace Council.
rabble radio July 19
Image: Frieda Werden on Denman Island BC, 2018.
When Frieda Werden started WINGS in 1986, she was told that a radio show entirely about women was too radical. Almost three decades later, the show is still going strong.
face2face July 18
Greg Paul talks about 'Resurrection Religion'
​Author Greg Paul talks to David Peck about his book which explores religion as grace and justice, not a weapon to divide and oppress.
Asia Pacific Currents July 18
Photo: Teddy Cross - Flickr
Even though the workers' movement in South Korea was central in bringing down the corrupt Park Geun-hye government, the offensive against workers, the wages and conditions, have not let up.
Talking Radical Radio July 17
Prisoner justice – from speaking out to organizing on the ground
Poet, educator, and organizer El Jones talks about the fight for prisoner justice and about the importance of moving from speaking up to taking action.
Asia Pacific Currents July 11
NAIDOC Week banner
The fight for Indigenous rights is an issue affecting people all over the Asia Pacific region, including Australia.
Talking Radical Radio July 10
Image: Used with permission of the Poor Persons Walk.
Kym Hines, Hugh Lampkin and Cynthia Travers talk about the Poor Persons Walk, an action taking place later in July in several British Columbia communities.
The Hum Podcast July 10
Cynthia Lowen. Photo: Gilad Cohen
Emmy-nominated filmmaker Cynthia Lowen discusses her film "Netizens," the gender dynamics of being on the internet and the efforts to change privacy laws.
Needs No Introduction July 5
Free Speech - Conditions Apply
In the era of hate speech and fake news, do we need more limits on free speech? A panel discussion hosted by Simon Fraser University's Institute for the Humanities.
face2face July 4
Andrew MacLeod explains why we should be "All Together Healthy"
Andrew MacLeod and David Peck talk about mental health, choices and social context, addiction, brokenness, trauma, thinking collectively and a health in all policies approach to wellness.
Asia Pacific Currents July 4
Pro refugee rights protests
The Australian government continues to disregard the welfare of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia.
Talking Radical Radio July 3
Fighting for the rights of disAbled women
Executive director Bonnie Brayton talks about the work of the DisAbled Women's Network Canada.
Needs No Introduction June 28
Image: Ruins of the residential school in Spanish, Ontario
Four panellists explore what reconciliation means in our institutions of higher learning. Recorded at the 2018 Tommy Douglas Institute at George Brown College in Toronto on May 28, 2018.
Asia Pacific Currents June 27
Filipino workers protesting
While weakened in comparison to its heyday, the Filipino working class is continuing the fight to organize and improve the living conditions of all workers.
face2face June 27
Mor Loushy and Daniel Sivan talk about their film 'The Oslo Diaries'
Mor Loushy, Daniel Sivan and David Peck talk about The Oslo Diaries, secret meetings, common languages, enemies as friends, land disputes and what we’re leaving behind for our children.
Talking Radical Radio June 26
Fighting Homelessness in Ontario's past and in its Doug Ford future
Street nurse Cathy Crowe speaks about her decades of involvement in struggles against homelessness and for social justice in Ontario, and about what that experience tells her about facing Doug Ford.
The Hum Podcast June 25
Mandi Gray. Photo: Gilad Cohen
Mandi Gray talks to The Hum about taking her sexual assault case to trial and ways that the experience has shaped her life.
rabble radio June 20
Steel Factory
Ken Neumann, National Director for the United Steelworkers Canada talks to Marc Belanger of Radio Labour about why the current trade war between Canada and the U.S. is short-sighted.
Talking Radical Radio June 19
Pushing rural organizations to be more welcoming to trans and gender-diverse people
Behc Jax-Lynx and Cara Tierney talk about their educational work that is pushing rural and suburban organizations to be more open to transgender and gender-diverse people.