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Talking Radical Radio October 16
Building a network of social justice educators in Alberta
Social justice education goes beyond what's in the curriculum - Renee Vaugeois and Dan Scratch talk about the new RAD Educator Network in Alberta.
Asia Pacific Currents October 16
Massive truck drivers strike shakes Iranian government
The working class in Iran is facing increasingly desperate economic and political situation. In response, demonstrations and protests are increasing.
rabble radio October 11
Making the link between militarism and the global refugee crisis
Cesar Jaramillo, executive director of Project Ploughshares talks to David Kattenburg of the Green Planet Monitor about a harsh truth the warrior nations don't ever address.
face2face October 11
The 'dissident doctor' talks about defying the medical establishment
Dr. Michael Klein talks about his book "Dissident Doctor" in his critique of the health-care system and his best practice recommendations.
Asia Pacific Currents October 10
Fighting against tyranny in the Phillipines
President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs" has killed over 20,000 people. Opposition and organizing against this repression is growing by the day.
Talking Radical Radio October 9
Grassroots work in Indigenous contexts
Patty Krawec and Karl Dockstader talk about the many forms that grassroots involvement in urban Indigenous community can take.
rabble radio special October 2
Jerry Dias talks about the good and the bad in the new free trade deal and why it's good for the auto sector.
Talking Radical Radio October 2
Histories of anti-Blackness in Canada and today's social movements
Robyn Maynard talks about her book "Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present" and about what she has learned while touring the country last year speaking about it.
Asia Pacific Currents October 2
Map of Median Household income in Australia
Australia and New Zealand have similar histories. Organizing workers also shares many similarities between the two countries.
The Hum Podcast October 1
Syrus Marcus Ware, artist and social activist
Syrus Marcus Ware joins us to discuss his experience as a trans father, how he uses art for social change, and why Canadians have a hard time addressing their own history of anti-black racism.
rabble radio September 27
A small rural town works together to free Edwin Espinal, a Honduran political prisoner
Janet Spring lives the small rural community of Elmvale, Ontario. When her son-in-law was imprisoned in Honduras for political activism, her community rallied to help.
Talking Radical Radio September 25
How to start your own grassroots collective
Amanda Wilson and Dan Sawyer talk about the work of the Punch Up Collective to help other people form collectives of their own.
Asia Pacific Currents September 25
Holding on to working class politics
The workers' movement has many examples of activists who over time lose their radical politics and accommodate themselves to the confines and rules of the capitalist system.
rabble radio September 20
Forest fire in Yosemite National Park
Catastrophic climate change is a domino effect, according to scientist Will Steffen. Good news .. the dominoes haven’t started falling yet. But they will if we stay on the current path.
The Hum Podcast September 20
Seoul, South Korea
Alice Kim joins The Hum this week to discuss how defecting from North Korea affects families, the normalization of Kim Jong-un, and her hopes for a re-unified Korea.
Asia Pacific Currents September 19
Kuala Lumpur at dawn
The elections earlier this year in May saw the Barisan Nasional lose power after 61 years. Tian Chua, a vice-president of People's Justice Party (PKR), talks about the new government.
face2face September 19
'Never Saw It Coming'
Director Gail Harvey and producer Marina Cordoni talk about the cement ceiling for women, hard work, collaboration, pushing boundaries, and challenges women in the film industry face.
Talking Radical Radio September 18
High school student walkout in Ontario
High school student Indygo Arscott talks about a day of walkouts and other actions against the Ontario provincial government's changes to curriculum and classrooms.
Needs No Introduction September 13
Image: Monia Mazigh and young Barâa Arar. Used with permission.
The author of "Hope and Despair: My Struggle to Free My Husband, Maher Arar" shares the podium with her daughter, poet Barâa Arar.
Asia Pacific Currents September 12
Health and Safety win for Korean workers at Samsung
Samsung Electronics has a shocking health and safety record. After years of campaigning, actions and sit-ins, workers are now getting a voice.
Talking Radical Radio September 11
Challenging rape culture in the media
Farrah Khan and Shannon Giannitsopoulou talk about the work of the organization Femifesto to challenge rape culture in the media.
rabble radio September 6
Keanan Alywin by the Barrie Waterfront
It's hard to be a progressive activist in small communities which have a history of electing conservatives. Keenan Aylwin and Victoria Fenner talk about social change in their home of Barrie, Ontario.
The Hum Podcast September 5
Lia Grimanis, advocate and founder of Up With Women
Lia Grimanis joins us this week to discuss our misunderstandings about mental health and homelessness, why people with autism are especially vulnerable and which world records she broke in high heels.
face2face September 5
Mike Mizerski and David Peck talk about fear, football, mottos and mantras, his long time battle against cancer, the road to recovery and why family, friends and community are so important.
Mike Mizerski talks to David Peck about fear, football, mottos and mantras, his longtime battle against cancer, the road to recovery and why family, friends and community are so important.
Talking Radical Radio September 4
Exploring the radical possibilities of recreational sport
Annelies Cooper, Gita Madan, Craig Fortier, and Robyn Letson talk about the Field of Dreamers Cooperative Softball Association.
Asia Pacific Currents September 4
Remembering the horrors of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan
Atomic bombs were first used against Japan in 1945. Their destructive power was immense. The global nuclear arsenal has only grown since then, but the fight to outlaw nuclear weapons continues.
rabble radio August 30
Broadcast Tower - Cambridge Bay Nunavut
As commercial media abandons our communities, non-profit community media is stepping up as an alternative. Some ideas about what they’d do with a fraction of the budget that for-profits would need.
Talking Radical Radio August 28
A new organization in the fight against far-right hate groups
Evan Balgord speaks about the work of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.
Asia Pacific Currents August 24
The last 20 years has seen a big rise in temporary migrant workers in Australia. They often need specialized support. The Migrant Workers Centre in Melbourne has been recently set up to do this.
The Hum Podcast August 22
Colleen Hele-Cardinal, co-founder of the Sixties Scoop Network
Colleen Hele-Cardinal talks about how she perceived being Indigenous as a child, intergenerational trauma, and how Canada has failed to address its past treatment of Indigenous peoples.