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face2face November 2
The Head-Hunters Calling, Pure Ego, Being Present and Addictions.
Bill, Mark and Face2Face host David Peck talk about their new film "The Headhunter's Calling," pure ego, being present and why we're all addicts of one kind or another.
Redeye November 1
Image: Flickr/DeSmogCanada
Farmers and First Nations fought this project alone for years. People in Vancouver are waking up to the threat posed by a third dam on the Peace River. We hear from three speakers opposed to Site C.
Green Majority Radio November 1
Maximizing Fragility
We discuss the ongoing protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline which resulted in over 100 more arrests of protesters this week, bringing the total to over 260 since the action began.
rabble radio November 1
What makes a healthy community? The Vital Signs report from the Community Foundations of Canada has some surprising findings.
face2face November 1
Katell Quillévéré on 'Heal The Living', science & mystery & the rituals of Death
Katell and David Peck talk about her new film "Heal The Living," science over mystery, living for our loved ones, taking care of others and the rituals of death.
Redeye October 31
Mapping segregation: New York 2015
Black poverty rates are double those of whites. One in three Black men has a felony record. U.S. cities are deeply segregated. Police killings have their roots in the system, says Paul Street.
face2face October 31
Lutz Gregor on Mali, Culture and Colonialism and the Power of Music to Disrupt
Lutz and I talk about his new film "Mali Blues," the question of culture, colonialism, the power of music to evoke emotion and change and artful disruption.
gooderGoods October 30
"Secret Path" illustration by "Jeff Lemire", "Final Home" by "Kosuke Tsumura"
Dressing for post-Halloween in "Final Home," and remembering Chaney Wenjack in the bitter cold through the "Secret Path" project.
Asia Pacific Currents October 28
Trade union procession along King William Street, Adelaide.
Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and an interview on the Global Day of Action against trade union repression.
Redeye October 28
Image: Mama Congo
Canadian mining companies have $3 billion in assets in Congo. Maurice Carney says this means Canadians have a unique opportunity to support the nascent democracy movement there.
face2face October 27
Kathy Eldon on Creative Activism, Choosing Love and Fearlessness
Kathy and I talk about social change, catalyzing action, creative activism and choosing love and why fearlessness matters more than we know.
Asia Pacific Currents October 27
Automobile factory in the Philippines. Flickr/ILO in Asia and the Pacific
Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and an interview on the effects of the continuing war on drugs in the Philippines.
Talking Radical Radio October 26
Lawyers Dyna Tuytel and Barry Robinson of Ecojustice talk about their work on behalf of environmental organizations.
WINGS October 25
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka at CHUO with other panelists heard in the program
In a roundtable with Canada's National Campus and Community Radio Association, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka discussed violence against Indigenous women; how to include transgender people.
Redeye October 25
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Visible Earth, NASA
The failure of the dam on the Mount Polley tailings pond led to one of the largest environmental disasters in B.C.'s history.
face2face October 25
'Foreign Body,' refugees and identity, relational complexity and living in the p
Raja Amari, Hiam Abbass and Sarra Hannachi talk about their new film "Foreign Body," refugees, identity, relational complexity and living in the present and not the future.
face2face October 24
Juho Kuosmanen, Jarrko Lahti and I talk about love stories, boxing as a metaphor, what's important in life and how not to be cynical.
Green Majority Radio October 24
Image: George Hodan
Canadian journalist Mike De Souza works for the National Observer after spending years in the establishment media. Mike has recently published replies to attacks on his and N.O.'s credibility.
face2face October 22
Don Scime on his new film The David Dance, Difference, Self Esteem & Fitting In
Don and I talk about the new film "The David Dance," what it means to feel different, self-esteem issues, fitting in and his take on a story that has "universal appeal."
Redeye October 20
PovNet was born out of a meeting of anti-poverty activists in 1997 who wanted to make the Internet accessible to all. A new comic book tells the story of this unique online resource.
Asia Pacific Currents October 19
Image: Flickr/Brian Yap
Labour updates of workers' struggles from the Asia-Pacific region and truck drivers' general strike in South Korea.
Redeye October 19
Image: CBC
B.C. Supreme Court is allowing three Eritrean refugees to proceed with a civil lawsuit against the Canadian mining company Nevsun, which they say knowingly used forced labour in its operations.
face2face October 19
Andreas Dalsgaard on Syria, The War Show, self-discovery and forms of expression
Dalsgaard and I talk about his new film "The War Show," Syria, self-discovery and tools of expression, silence and journalistic analysis.
Talking Radical Radio October 19
Basia Sokal and Arlyn Doran talk about shop floor organizing by postal workers in Winnipeg.
face2face October 18
 The Nest Collective on 'Tuko Macho,' African voices, identity and why extreme o
Jim and George and I about "Tuko Macho," The Nest Collective, an African generational voice, identity and internal voices and why extreme order is surreal.
Needs No Introduction October 18
From Octopus Books in Ottawa, author and journalist Waubgeshig Rice talks to Lawrence Hill about his novel "The Illegal."
Redeye October 18
Sanctions are crippling the efforts of aid workers in Syria as the country faces a humanitarian catastrophe, according to a recent UN report leaked to Rania Khalek of the Electronic Intifada.
Redeye October 17
Image: Flickr/Robert Thivierge
After 50 years of war that killed thousands and displaced millions, the Colombian government signed a peace deal with the FARC guerillas. But on October 2, Colombians voted to reject the peace accord.
Redeye October 16
Flickr/Kent Lins
Micheal Vonn of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association says it’s imperative for Canadians to participate if they have concerns about the new security powers brought in under Bill C-51.
face2face October 14
Robert Cenedella on Art Bastard, The "Art Game" & a Narrow Minded Establishment
Robert and I talk about his new film "Art Bastard," how not to play the "art game," the narrow-minded establishment, and what isn't art.