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What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

It's that time of year when folks pretending to be something exciting and attractive turn out to be just a bunch of children demanding hand-outs and threatening vandalism or worse. No, I'm not talking about the latest stream of Justin Trudeau's broken election promises or Minister Chrystia Freeland's will-she-won't-she cajolery over CETA -- I'm talking about Halloween! The greatest holiday of all time.

Halloween is the perfect time for leftists and progressives everywhere to wear their politics on their sleeves while having fun (yes, Halloween is the one day of the year leftists are allowed to have a sense of humour -- so make it count). How will you be dressing this Oct. 31?

If you're not the biggest fan of Investor-State Dispute-Settlements and corporate rights, perhaps you will be paying tribute to les Gilles of Wallonia, who wear wax masks, wield sticks to fend off evil spirits and carry baskets of blood oranges to hurl at spectators of the famous Carnival of Binche. No wonder they were such a thorn in the side of CETA -- but alas, they must have run out of oranges to throw because it looks like CETA will be ratified at the eleventh hour after all. Yay for corporate power!

Anyway, what political statement will you be making this Halloween?