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What caricature of democracy did you get in the Liberals' MyDemocracy.ca survey?

Ho boy, just when you thought the giant tire fire of electoral reform currently burning in Ottawa was about to simmer down, the Liberals went and poured kerosene all over it.

MyDemocracy.ca, Minister Maryam Monsef's attempt to solve the gridlock (that she created) in Parliament over the way Canada decides elections, is, to put it bluntly, a train wreck. A hilarious, flaming, garbage-hauling train wreck.

rabble's Parliamentary Correspondent Karl Nerenberg, in his characteristic grace and tact, called the pop quiz "simplistic and manipulative." The less measured among us might have called it "Liberals drowning democracy in a shallow, mercury-fed tailings pond."

That said, we here at rabble.ca are always interested first and foremost in science, data and facts. So we want to poll our readers to find out which category of democratic denizen they fall into. So, after you completed this embarrassment, which views did the Liberals say you most align with?