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What was the biggest progressive win from 2016?

Hey, let's make a rule, OK? No more talking about how lousy 2016 is. We get it. It sucked. And while we're at it, let's wear off the phrase "dumpster fire" forever. We don't need it! We're moving on.

The fact is there were a lot of things in 2016 worth celebrating. Michael Stewart's optimistic look back at some of the biggest victories last year is a good place to start. Northern Gateway's finally dead. Black Lives Matter showed Canada what civil disobedience can do. We got a national inquriy for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. The Standing Rock Sioux shocked the world.

So let's take a moment this holiday to reflect on what we've won, even as the rest of the world crumbles around us. So what's your favourite progressive victory of 2016?